Plugin Insert

Introduced in Tiki10

This wiki plugin, inserted in a wiki page, allows to create a Tracker item when the page is loaded. Once the item is created, the plugin code is removed and replaced by a link to the newly created Tracker item. This plugin does not have its own parameters. As it is used to create Tracker items, the permanent names of the Trackers are used as plugin parameters. These parameters values will constitute the item to create. Usage : permanentName="value".


Introduced in Tiki 10.
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Preferences required: wikiplugin_insert, feature_trackers, wikiplugin_objectlink

no parameters


The tracker you want to send the data to must first be defined in the preference "Trackers available for insertion from wiki pages" (tracker_insert_allowed).

Trackers available for insertion from wiki pages
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You are creating a page or modifying a page and you want to place a tracking element (a link) to an item of a Tracker.

{INSERT(ActuAuthor="Eric Michel", ActuBook="How to build home" )} {INSERT}

Note : ActuAuthor and ActuBook are permanent names and "Eric Michel" and "How to build home" are the values to insert in the Tracker.


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