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Use this wiki plugin to include the contents of a Wiki page inside another page (it must be a Wiki page located in the Wiki section of your Tiki, as other types of pages won't work yet!). This is a form of Wiki transclusion


Introduced in Tiki 1. Required parameters are in bold.
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Preferences required: wikiplugin_include

Parameters Accepted Values Description Default Since
page pagename Name of the source wiki page (which contains the included portion) 1
start When only a portion of the page should be included, full text of the line after which inclusion should start 1
stop When only a portion of the page should be included, full text of the line before which inclusion should end 1
max_chars_included int Limit the length of the included text 20.0
max_inclusions text Maximum amount of times the same page can be included. Defaults to 5 5 18.2
pagenotapproved_text text Text to show when the page exists but no version is approved. 18.0
nopage_text text Text to show when the page selected to be included is not found anymore. 6.0
pagedenied_text text Text to show when the page exists but the user has insufficient permissions to see it. 6.0
linkoriginal (blank)
Add a "Read more" link at the end of included content, linking to the original page. (shows "Read More" by default) n 18.0
linkoriginal_text text Label of the button linking to the source page (if it is displayed) 18.0
page_replace_icon (blank)
Option to show the replace page icon, for the included page to be replaced by original wiki text. Depends on the "edit icons" settings.
page_edit_icon (blank)
Option to show the edit icon for the included page (shown by default). Depends on the "edit icons" settings. 12.1
parse_included_page (blank)
Parse the page to be included before adding it to the parent page. This will help if html pages are included in wiki pages or vice versa, but will cause issues with the wiki table of contents. n 18.2


This example transcludes (or includes) portions of the page Tiki2 between the strings Authentication and OpenID.

This code:

{include page="Tiki2" start="!!!# Authentication" stop="!!!!# OpenID"}

Would produce on this site:

Authentication has received a major enhancement.

Some new options

  • Use login as email
  • Crypt passwords method
  • User trackers at registration

 Partial inclusions
start and stop must represent the entire line, not just a portion of a line.


You can not include a same page or a same page extract more than 5 times on one page. If you need to exceed 5 times you will have to modify the plugin and change the value of max_inclusions . Starting in Tiki 18.2, there is a parameter to do so.

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