Plugin Gauge 

This wiki plugin displays a horizontal bar gauge of a value compared to a maximum.


Introduced in Tiki 1. Required parameters are in bold

Preferences required: wikiplugin_gauge

Parameters Accepted Values Description Default Since
(body of plugin) description
value digits Current value to be represented by the gauge 1
perc (blank)
Set to true (Yes) to display a percentage of the maximum. 1
showvalue (blank)
Set to %1 (No) to hide the numeric value (shown by default). 1 3.0
height digits Bar height in pixels. 14 1
label text Label displayed on the left side of the gauge. 1
labelsize digits Label width, in pixels. 50 1
max digits Maximum possible value. Default: 100 100 1
size digits Bar width in pixels. 150 1
bgcolor Valid CSS color name or hex code Background color of the gauge. Use HTML color codes or names. #0000FF 1
color Valid CSS color name or hex code Main color of the gauge. Use HTML color codes or names. #FF0000 1


This code:

{GAUGE(value="15000" max="16443" label="Satisfied users" perc="true" labelsize="250" height="20" color="green" bgcolor="#EEEEEE")}__User satisfaction survey results__{GAUGE}

Would produce:

Satisfied users 
User satisfaction survey results

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