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Use this wiki plugin, introduced in Tiki3, to display a link to an attachment to a wiki page and can display an image attachment. Since Tiki5.0, it can display a link to file in the file gallery or to a specific archive. And Since Tiki6.1, it allows easily selecting a file from a file gallery in a visual way, similarly to what can be achieved for images with the equivalent tool in the default toolbar. Moreover, it is included in the default toolbar shown in tiki textareas.


Introduced in Tiki 3. Required parameters are in bold.
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Preferences required: wikiplugin_file

Parameters Accepted Values Description Default Since
(body of plugin) Label for the link to the file (ignored if the file is a wiki attachment)
name Identify an attachment by entering its file name, which will show as a link to the file. If the page parameter is empty, it must be a file name of an attachment to the page where the plugin is used. 3.0
type (blank)
Indicate whether the file is in a file gallery or is a wiki page attachment 6.1
fileId digits File ID of a file in a file gallery or an archive. Example value: 42 5.0
desc Custom text that will be used for the link instead of the file name or file description 3.0
date For an archive file, the archive created just before this date will be linked to. Special values : PAGE_LAST_MOD and PAGE_VIEW_DATE. 5.0
showdesc (blank)
Show the attachment description as the link label instead of the attachment file name. 3.0
image (blank)
Indicates that this attachment is an image, and should be displayed inline using the img tag 3.0
page Name of the wiki page the file is attached to. Defaults to the wiki page where the plugin is used if empty. 3.0
translatetitle (blank)
Translate, if possible, the file title using Tiki multilingual feature (you can add custom translation in Tiki) n 24.0
browserdisplay (blank)
Display in different browser window or tab instead of downloading. 18.1
showicon (blank)
Show an icon version of the file or file type with the link to the file. 6.1

 More tips on how the plugin works in tw
Only files listed as an attachment at the bottom of a page are captured by this plugin. That means that images that have been uploaded through the "Upload picture:" option on the edit panel or uploaded to an image or file gallery and only linked to on the page will not be included. Other types of files (other than images) uploaded in the edit panel will be included because they appear in the list of attachments.


Using name and page parameters

This code,
{file name="doctwo.png" page="PluginAttach" showdesc="0" image="0"}

Would produce on this site:


Using custom link text

This code,

{file name="tikigold.jpg" desc="Custom link text" showdesc="0" image="0"}

Would produce on this site:

Custom link text

Using image parameter

This code,

{file name="tikigold.jpg" image="1"}

Would produce on this site:


With a link to a file in a file gallery

This code:

{FILE(fileId="1")}Link to this file{FILE}

Would produce on this site:
Incorrect parameter fileId

The fileId can be the ID of a file or an archive.
If date is specified, the archive with the closest smaller creation date will be linked. The format of the date is described here. If the date parameter is specified with no value, it will use the last date specified in the page.

Technical documentation linked to specific version of paper

On the 01/20/2010
{FILE(fileId="1" date="2010/01/20")}The specification{FILE}
{FILE(fileId="2" date="")}The estimation associated to the specification{FILE}
On the 01/25/2010
{FILE(fileId="1" date="2010/01/25")}The specification{FILE}
{FILE(fileId="2" date="")}The estimation associated to the specification{FILE}

fielId can be any fileId of the archive tree.

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