Key features

  • Permits the creation of the "new plugins" directly from the control panel, without FTP access
  • These new plugin aliases use an existing plugin as a base
  • These new plugin aliases can have any name
  • They have some internal documentation (which appears in Plugin Help)
  • Can be distributed via Profiles (see https://profiles.tiki.org)


  • Permits to create very specialized plugins without duplicating code
  • It permits to specify from a single location, arguments that are passed to these plugins
    • for confidentiality
    • for simplicity
    • central management/reduce potential errors
  • If a plugin alias is used in hundreds of wiki pages, and you want to change a setting, you change it in one place

How to use

The Plugin Alias management can be found on the admin control panel, "Editing and Plugins" under the "Plugin Aliases" tab (-+tiki-admin.php?page=textarea&cookietab=3+-).


Plugin name can't contain special characters like a hyphen (-).


Simple example

Plugin aliases permit you to go from this:

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To this:

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{pavillon filtervalue=Quebec}

Here is how to configure the alias:


Variable body

Problem : The syntax of a plugin alias is different from a standard wiki-plugin.
For instance, here is the syntax for a PluginBox, with a width of 100% and "hello" in the body :

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You can create a plugin alias based on a box with a predefined width of 100% and a pre-defined content that will in the wiki look like :

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There is no way here to let an user change the body.

To do that, here is a configuration example. In this example the body will be pre-filled with the word "hello" and an user will be able to complete it with anything :

  • plugin name : "my_plugin"
  • base plugin : "box"
  • simple plugin arguments
    • width, default : "100%"
    • my_var, default : (empty)
  • plugin parameter documentation
    • my_var, name : "my_var"
  • plugin body
    • default content : "hello %my_var%"
    • parameters : "my_var", default : "world"

Now, the following code :

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will look like

hello world

And the following code :

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{my_plugin my_var="john"}

will look like

hello john


When using plugin alias to show just some items from PluginTrackerList, the parameter to filter results at the "Plugin Parameter documentation" need to be also added as arguments of your plugin alias, at the section "Simple plugin arguments" with no value (in this example: "filtervalue").

If you need to delete one argument or one parameter after you already created it, remove its name and value and save changes using "Change Preferences" button in order to have it deleted.

To see real life examples of how it is used, you can install one of profiles where it is being used:

Composed Arguments Example

This plugin makes a COL plugin alias (based on PluginDiv) to create a Bootstrap grid column:

Plaugin Alias 1 Plugin Alias 2 Plugin Alias 3

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