Page selector tracker field type

User, Group, IP selectors are tracker field types used in the trackers feature to attribute items to specific users. Adding a name to a tracker item is necessary but not sufficient to create special viewing and editing privileges - often used with User Tracker, registration tracker or Group tracker

The page Adding fields to a Tracker explains how the fields, (columns or questions) of a tracker are set up.

Page Selector

The page selector associates a page to a tracker item. Like the user selector, a page selector is associated to a page.

Available: Tiki>=3.0

Page selector is a special text field which contains or is filled by a wiki pagename. It can be used as the "main" field for that item, thus the tracker item and the wiki page will have the same name.
When used with the TRACKERLIST plugin (param view=page) in a wiki page, the plugin will only display the associated tracker item on that wiki page. When used with TRACKER in a wiki page (param view=page), the plugin will modify the item associated.

Page selector links a tracker item to a wiki page. It can choose one page in a list of pages, or if the automatic option is set to 1 it will use the current wiki page name. (which only works if the tracker item is created via TRACKER plugin in a wiki page)

Parameteroptionsresult default behaviorVersion
automatic feeding1,0if=1, page selector will be to the pagename the item is input(where the TRACKER plugin is)not auto feeding
sizenumericvisible input length of the field in characters, not limited if<=0no limit
create (based on)page nameif set will create a new page (if it doesn't exist already) based on the content which already exists at "page name". The title of the new page will be the text entered by the user in this field.no page is created
linky or nwill display a link to the pagey=display the linktw>=5.0

examples of parameters:

  • 0,0,pagetracker tpl
    • results in a new page being created based on the template "pagetracker tpl" with the title of the new page being what is entered in the form for that field.

To edit the page tracker

{TRACKER(trackerId=1, fields=1:2, view=page)}Page info set{TRACKER}

To see the information of a page

{TRACKERLIST(trackerId=1, fields=1:2, view=page, wiki=PrettyTracker1) /}

Display behavior (checked only in tw>=1.10)

In the tracker list panel, the value of these fields will be displayed if the field has the option table visible and hidden/visible is checked for the user.
In the tracker item view panel, the value of these fields will be displayed if the hidden/visible is checked for the user.
In the tracker item edit panel, a tracker administrator (perm tiki_p_admin_trackers) will see each field with the pre-selected right value and will be able to change them. A non administrator will not see them.

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