Examples of wiki page naming conventions in use here

(Based on Tiki Manual of Style)

  • Use Tiki, not TikiWiki or Tikiwiki (also see No WikiWords at Tiki Manual of Style)
  • All significant words should be capitalized.
  • As short as possible.
  • Page names should contain action verbs that clearly describe what the end user wants to do. Use "Configuring Blogs" instead of "Blog Config". (Alternatively, use of noun phrases such as "Blog Configuration" is natural and effective. The goal is clear communication delivered with a consistent style.)
  • Use Keywords whenever possible. Don't say "about the features" when "features" will do. Imagine what will be typed in the search engine and use that. But don't be hesitant to use a longer phrase if that is a better title for the page content.
  • Use the terms and menu options that appear in the end-user version of the software.
  • Avoid non-alphanumeric characters in wiki page name (especially punctuation).

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