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These navigation links are displayed in all My Account sections. From left to right, the links point to: the My Account top page (the URL is still named tiki-my_tiki.php for historical purposes), Preferences, My Info, My Watches, and, under "More", Messages, Tasks, Bookmarks, Webmail, Contacts Preferences, Notepad, Mini Calendar, Action Log, and Social networks. The actual array of links at any particular Tiki site will depend on what features have been activated.

Page content

The top "My Account" page lists items that have been createad by the user, including wiki pages, blog posts, articles, forum posts, assigned items from the trackers, messages and tasks and so on. Links to view the pages, etc. and to edit them are provided. The user can configure which of these listings will appear on the My Account page from his or her user preferences page.

This page provides information for recent Tiki versions. For information on older Tiki versions, please check the history of the page.

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