Multilingual trackers labels be translated

Tiki was designed to be multilingual since the beginning. The standard out-of-the-box Tiki installation is designed to work in a multilingual environment and so if a translation exist the label for a field will be translated when you switch language.

  1. The labels should be in English and you can add the translations to lang/xx/custom.php or the database (see i18n options) if the translation doesn't exist in lang/xx/language.php
  2. It works for drop-down menus as well.
  3. Some field types can be identified as multilingual (to gather multilingual content)

Multilingual fields

Field type like "Text fields" support multilingual and you can enable or disable the parameter in the field options.


We want to create a Tracker that can support English and French users. We want our tracker to be translated in both languages and we want to make sure that all data is consolidated into the same tracker. In other words we don't want to have to create an English and French tracker.

In the following example, we will show you how to create a multilingual tracker. Lets see how we would create a multilingual Drop Down list inside of a Tracker where the user is required to select from a list of Continents.

Step 1: Create your tracker and create a new Field of Type (Drop Down

Click on image to see example
Click on image to see example

Step 2: Translate your Tracker Field and Drop Down Items.

In the example we are creating, we have the following items to translate.

Tracker Field

Which Continent Do You Live In? Dans quel continent habitez-vous ?

Drop Down List

Europe Europe
North America Amérique du Nord
South America Amérique du Sud

Step 3: Move your translation to the proper Custom.php file
Go where you Tiki is installed and insert a file named "custom.php" inside the proper language folder.

Simply go to: (tiki_is_installed)/lang/(your_translated_language)/custom.php

Here is the sample code for our example

"Dans quel continent habitez-vous ?",
"North America"=>"Amérique du Nord",
"South America"=>"Amérique du Sud",
$lang = $lang + $lang_custom;

Step 4: Congrats! You now have a multilingual tracker

Screenshot of English Tracker
Screenshot of English Tracker

Screenshot of translated French Tracker
Screenshot of translated French Tracker


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