Module Logo — the site logo module

This module displays the site logo, site title and site subtitle, or any combination of these. The information for the logo module can be managed on the Admin Modules page (tiki-admin_modules.php) or the Look & Feel admin page (tiki-admin.php?page-look). To use alternative logo modules, containing more or less content depending on screen size, configure the modules on the Admin Modules page rather than entering information on the Look & Feel admin page.

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Preferences required: feature_sitelogo

Parameters Accepted Values Description Default Since
alt_attr text Image alt attribute for screen readers, etc. Defaults to sitelogo_alt preference.
title_attr text Image title attribute. Defaults to sitelogo_title preference.
link url URL for the image and titles link. Defaults to "./" (site homepage).
class_image text CSS class for the logo image. Defaults to sitelogo.
src url Source URL for the site logo image file. Defaults to sitelogo_src preference (set on Look & Feel admin).
sitesubtitle text Smaller text for a short description, etc. Defaults to sitesubtitle preference.
sitetitle text Large text to identify the website. Defaults to sitetitle preference.
class_titles text CSS class for the title text container div. Defaults to sitetitles.

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