Module last_tracker_items

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Displays the value of a field of the specified number of tracker items. If the specified tracker has no main field, either Field name or Field identifier is required.
Required parameters are in bold.
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Preferences required: feature_trackers

Parameters Accepted Values Description Default Since
trackerId int Identifier of the tracker from which items are listed. Example value: 13.
name any string except for HTML and PHP tags Name of the field from which values are listed. Example value: age.
sort_mode any string except for HTML and PHP tags Specifies how the items should be sorted. Possible values include created and created_asc (equivalent), created_desc, status, lastModif, createdBy and lastModifBy. Unless "_desc" is specified, the sort is ascending. "created" sorts on item creation date. "lastModif" sorts on the last modification date of items. "lastModif_desc" sorts in descending order of last modification date. Default value: created_desc
status word If set, limits the listed items to those with the given statuses. Values are combinations of "o" (open), "p" (pending) and "c" (closed). Possible values: opc, oc, op, pc, o, p or c. Default value: opc
fieldId int Identifier of the field from which values are listed. If Field name is set, this parameter is ignored. Example value: 13.

The other traditional modules params apply:


  • In tw>=3.0, You can either give the field name, or the fieldId, or indicate no field. In the last case, the system will automatically take the first main field.
  • Be careful than if you change the name of the field in the tracker administration, the module parameter name will not be changed

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