Module Google AdSense

This Module adds a Google AdSense advertisement to your Tiki. To use this module, you must have a Goolge AdSense key. See https://www.google.com/adsense for more information.

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Parameter Description Required?
client Your Google AdSense publisher ID. It may look similar to: pub-############### Y
display The type of ad to display. See ad formats for more information.
This module currently supports the following text ad formats: 970*90_as, 728*90_as, 468*60_as, 234*60_as, 125*125_as, 120*600_as, 160*600_as, 185*150_as, 120*240_as, 200*200_as, 250*250_as, 300*250_as, and 335*280_as.
ad_channel The ad channel for tracking this ad's performance. See Google for more information. N
color_border The color of the ad border. N
color_bg The color of the ad background. N
color_link The color of the ad links N
color_url The color of the ad URL. N
color_text The color of the ad text. N

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