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This page describes a mods. For the core implementation: WebDAV

TikiDav allows access to the TikiWiki resources ( wiki pages, blogs, Articles...) through the WebDAV protocol. A lot of author tools like OpenOffice (OOo) and MsOffice, implements that protocol to access remote document repositories.

It's only proven to work with Tiki 1.9.x and OpenOffice .sxw document types, and some work is needed to update it to support ODF file types. It used to work also with MS Word.

http://www.escire.com/escire2/tiki-index_raw.php?page=WDAVE1-Videos: A flash video and more info of using TikiDav at eScire.com (broken link)

TikiDav features

  • Tiki Categories as repository folder structure
  • Wiki pages,Blogs, and Articles as files in the repository
  • Locking of Tiki resources (different from wiki pages locks)
  • User access control to the webdav operations and information (Categories and wikipages)
  • Properties for Tiki resources
  • Read-only access to user calendar (csv format)
  • Wiki-to-DocBook and DocBook-to-Wiki conversion
  • Wiki-to-OpenOffice and OpenOffice-to-Wiki (WYSIWYG) conversion (OpenOffice 1.x only)


  1. If using PHP4, enable PHP 4 XSLT support with sablotron (http://www.gingerall.com/charlie/ga/xml/x_sabphp.xml?s=org)

  2. Unzip TikiDav at your root Tiki director (or install through Mods

  3. For apache web server, modify or create an .htaccess file at Tiki directory and add this lines:
    order deny,allow
    allow from all

    this allow client request methods GET,POST,PUT,DELETE.

  4. Create TikiDav tables for locking and properties, using the script createTables.sql (MySQL Version), run the scripts on your Tiki Database. This is not needed if the mod is installed through the Admin Mods

  5. Enable tiki categories (without spaces in their names) and create some categorized pages

  6. Test your webdav connection with a webdav client (DAvExplorer, MS Explorer, OpenOffice...) connecting to http://yourserver/tikidir/tikidav.php/

Access to Tiki Dav at a demo site http://gclub.ub.es (Tiki 1.9.x)

You can test TikiDav at gclub.ub.es site, using a webdav client. If using OpenOffice, remember to enable uising its own dialogues through "Tools > Options > OpenOffice.org > General > Use dialogues from OpenOffice.org"

Then, proceed to open a file from this url (remember to add the trailing slash "/")

Test against category "Ajuda", and the page "AjudaSobreTiki".

gclub.ub.es_tikidav_tiki19_OOo2_sxw.png (40.95 Kb)

Open through Open Office the AjudaSobreTiki.sxw file, make some changes, and save the page back to the server.

See the updated page through Tiki where you made the changes: http://gclub.ub.es/AjudaSobreTiki

See more information at http://tikiwiki.org/TikiDavDev

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