Mod extcalculator

Extcalculator is a kewl little calculator for your right or left column within TikiWiki.


See Mods Admin for instructions on how to install a Mod. This mods is called extcalc


Once installed, you will see it under "Admin > Modules" (tiki-admin_modules.php):

You can assign a this Module to a lateral column (See Module Admin page if needed), or you can include it within a wiki page, using the PluginModule.

The assigned module looks like this:


And you can compute simple mathematical operation with it.

help By the time of this writing (July 2007) the mod didn't show completely under many theme styles (last column of buttons on the right was hidden by dentral column in Tiki.

not fully shown
not fully shown

Screenshot of complete module extcalc was taken with simple.css theme style.

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