Migrate to Tiki

There are two built-in data importers: from WordPress and MediaWiki.

Note: this page contains many links that should be imported. Please copy over the relevant information.

This page covers migration to Tiki from another CMS/Wiki.
In order to migrate between the same version on different platforms see Migrate. In order to upgrade an existing installation of Tiki from one version to another see Upgrade.

Some preliminary work exists if you're moving a CMS/Wiki to Tiki. First you must install Tiki. After that you can use these tools which are not complete or built with perfection in mind, but can be most useful to someone willing to fix some problems and enhance some aspects.


CMS/Wiki :

We are looking for new data conversion scripts from other popular cms, blog, forum applications. Please contribute! You're also encouraged to contribute fixes or documentation on the existing scripts.

toggg: should I recall that, we, in PEAR, are trying to bring our 2 cts, Paul Jones ' Text_Wiki and papercrane's prototype converter ? ( as stated in WikiParser )

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