Tiki Integrator provides an opportunity to integrate repositories of html documentation creators like Doxygen or phpdoc into Tiki, where the user(s) get access to an arbitrary number of repositories at one single place and access to the repositories can be limited with the Tiki user management.

Limitations and Odds

  • To date (March 2017) repositories can not be categorised, which might be added in future, and thus there is only a global permission to see all repositories or none of them. Same for the management of the repositories: all or none. To allow access on a group per repository base we would need to be able to categorize the resective repositories but as said this migh be added one day.
  • The CSS is not used from the repository. There will be Tiki specific extended CSS for the repository files. For example for Doxygen there is one freshly made and for phpdoc there is one under way.
  • To date there is an issue to show the repositories images. This could likely be fixed by a new REGEX rule in the Integrator's rule table and then will be published as draft/example.
  • Documentation how to fix the CSS and the IMG issue by yourself is under way.

About Integrator

Tiki Integrator is a feature to allow easy integration of third party pages into the Tiki (with look and theme of Tiki page). Integrator may have several repositories. 'Repository' is just a path on the local filesystem where a set of files is stored. The files can be stored in the Tiki file gallery. These files will be processed later by integrator's rules. Such rules usually do two actions:

  1. remove all before HTML and after tags
  2. fix hyperlinks and reference to images so they will point to the Tiki Integrator wrapper to be correctly displayed from inside Tiki Integrator does not do it by itself — all rules and repositories must be configured by admin. To process the file (note that it works with local HTML files by opening and processing them) just apply configuration rules for a given repository and insert the result inside tiki-center div to integrate a page into tiki.

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Origins of this idea

Originally this feature was developed to access and view doxygened pages from inside Tiki. After some time, the following idea came into my head... :-) As many other programmers I have a lot of repositories (directories) with third party documentation (usually static *.html files) which I need to have fast access to from one point — my intranet Tiki site which is used as a team groupware tool. So Tiki Integrator should help me to do this :-)

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For more information...

Please go to http://tikiwiki.org/tiki-index_raw.php?page=TikiIntegrator for more information.

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