Installation Guides

This page provides specific instructions, recipes and tips for specific server environments. For a "typical" install in a Linux-Apache-MySQL web hosting environment like most web hosting companies provide, see Installation.

For tips on installing Tiki with specific web hosting companies see below.

Environment Help Page Comments
SourceForge hosted Image SourceForge Install
GNU/Linux Image
Generic GNU/Linux + Apache Linux Install
Debian or Debian-based Image Debian Install
Ubuntu Server Ubuntu Install
Gentoo Linux ebuild instructions Gentoo Install
Mitel SME Server Mitel SME Install http://www.e-smith.org
Apache Virtual Hosting MultiTiki Virtual Hosting Install
Gforge Server Gforge Install Very easy for multitiki's
FreeBSD FreeBSD Install
Multitiki (on GNU/Linux)
"Virtual Hosting" based MultiTiki Recipe
"Subdirectories" based MultiTiki Akira (or GForge Install for GForge'd sites)
Intranet / Local Installations
GNU/Linux (Fedora) + Apache Linux Intranet Install
Mac OS X (Server) OS X Install
Desktop Windows Desktop Install
Server Windows Server Install
x86 Checkout Version
GNU/Linux Live CD + Tikiwiki TikiLive CD download, burn, reboot (or use it with VMWarePlayer)
VMware Player TikiWiki VMware Appliance (or TikiLive CD + VMWare Live CD player)
Move Tiki to another server Move Tiki to a new server Worked for me. Feel free to add!

For more information on the Tiki installation process

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