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Hotwords is a feature that allows the admin to make some words in wiki pages appear automatically as links. When enabled as a feature, hotwords can be administered from the Hotwords administration screen:

  • Enable via Admin → Text Area
  • Use via Admin → Hotwords (direct link : tiki-admin_hotwords.php)


Using this screen is simple: just add the word-link pairs as needed, remove them if you want, etc. The replacement will be case-insensitive - e.g. if you add 'PHP' you don't need to add 'php' as well. If you have a problem or don't want this feature, just disable it from the main admin screen.

Cancel Hotword

In order to cancel the use of a Hotword for a given section in a wiki document, it is possible to use non parsed tags so it can be temporarily ignored.
~np~ Hotword ~/np~

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