H5P enables the creation, sharing and reusing of interactive HTML5 content in your browser. New in Tiki17, this feature has the ability to display H5P objects, as well as an editor to create or modify them.

1.1. Introduction

1.1.1. Features

1.1.2. Vision / community

1.1.3. For authors

For more information, see this for the time being:

1.2. H5P in Tiki

The file galleries can be configured to detect and process H5P files when they are uploaded, and then they can be embedded in wiki pages using the new H5P Plugin.

To do this go to the File Gallery Control Panel Enhancements tab and enable the feature (you will need to select "advanced" in the filter at the top of the page first), and you can pick a default gallery for them if you like. Then go to a file gallery and upload an h5p file and it will be processed and will be available for use in the plugin.

Note: So far, till Tiki 19.1, you needed to add H5P content types by uploading H5P project files before you can create new ones. You can download the types you need from here.

1.2.1. Known Issues Fixed Issues


1.2.2. Notes for Tiki 19.1 (2019 Fixes)

And possibly 18.4 when all backported

The H5P project is continually updated and often changes in minor upgrades broke the integration in Tiki. I think that we are now in sync and up to date so hopefully 19.1 will have a stable H5P feature.

There are various things our testing has uncovered that may make it not work for you, they might be:

  • Missing CURL and Zip php extensions (possibly others?)
  • Composer and maybe file perms not up to date on an svn checkout (needed to run setup.sh or doc/devtools/svnup.php)
  • Database not up to date (needed console.php database:update)
  • Old H5P cache files in storage/public
    • Note: H5P storage has moved from the root of storage/public to storage/public/h5p to keep things tidy
  • Old data in the tiki_h5p_* tables
    • I found I needed to delete all my H5P files (projects) and then empty all these tables, I commited a script h5p_reset_all_data.sql to do that (keep backups of your projects obviously) — jonny
  • Clear Tiki and your browser caches!

Please add to this list if you find any other issues, thanks.

1.3. Brief How-to: how to start with my first H5P element in Tiki

  1. Create a file gallery, name it H5P, use settings as usual for ordinary images + rebuild the search index!
  2. Activate H5P on tiki-admin.php?page=fgal under the "Enhancements" tab and set H5P as its default file gallery.
  3. Go to https://h5p.org/content-types-and-applications , browse, click on them to review and choose one content type. Since Tiki 19.1 you can also use the types offered directly while creating new H5P content in the File gallery thanks to the H5P Hub integration so you can skip the next 2 steps!
    Click to expand
    Click to expand
  4. Find the very small download link at the bottom left corner of the H5P element, click it, and download the file.
  5. Upload the downloaded .h5p file to the file gallery H5P in Tiki (mind: no code needs to be downloaded from Github. All is integrated in Tiki already; you only need the .h5p files!)
  6. In the File gallery at the files "wrench" icon, click on "Display".
  7. Have fun.

  8. Now this content type is available for new custom H5P elements - the timeline is a good place to start.
  9. After step 2, a new button will appear for creating a new H5P file without the available content type. After the first imported file, you can use the button -> every new different example imported by simple upload to the file gallery adds a new type to Tiki.
  10. To use the H5P files / content elements on a wiki page instead of doing it from within the file gallery, use the PluginH5P: {h5p fileId="XYZ"}

That's how easy it is.

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