GlitchTip is an Open Source error tracking system and you can self-host GlitchTip or subscribe to GlitchTip.com

The recommended and fully functional way to track your Tiki errors in GlitchTip is (where yourtiki.org is your Tiki instance and glitchtip.example.com is your GlitchTip instance):

Setup GlitchTip for a new project:

  • Add a new project in your Glitchtip instance by clicking the "Create New Project"
  • Choose PHP as your platform, input the project name (yourtiki.org) and select your team


  • Tiki23+ bundles sentry/sdk so you should not run Composer

  • Note and copy your DSN from the left panel, it will be used in the Tiki .ini file:


1.1.3. Create a new .ini file and modify local.php:

It is not recommended to use tiki-admin.php Setup Error Tracking feature in Admin > General > Error Tracking because it loads later and will miss some error messages

  • Navigate to your Tiki root /db folder and create a new tiki.ini file containing
[glitchtip] preference.error_tracking_enabled_php = y preference.error_tracking_enabled_js = y preference.error_tracking_dsn = https://4bd1dec539c9496b9d3f3ef5bd284f70@glitchtip.example.com/4

Of course, replace the preference.error_tracking_dsn link with the DSN generated by GlitchTip

  • Now add the following lines to your existing local.php file in the same /db folder
$system_configuration_file = 'db/tiki.ini'; $system_configuration_identifier = 'glitchtip';

1.1.4. You are done

Check the errors reported in your GlitchTip instance, by navigating to your project.

Original commit: https://gitlab.com/tikiwiki/tiki/-/merge_requests/825

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