FutureLink-Protocol - What is it, in short?

Brandnew! Experimental. More info to be added lateron.

The FutureLink-Protocol is very similar to a "feed" used throughout the web, but it provides an architecture that dynamically links 2 article together and the links migrate with the documents as they may change through time to facilitate user navigation. If the article is deleted, the link still exists, and the information can still be read. Another valuable feature of the FutureLink-Protocol is that it always gives you the most recent revision of information, and as well saving the last communicated version of that information where it is requested.

The FutureLink-Protocol offers a wide variety of functionality that can be somewhat complex internally, but it provides us with something we aren't used to that in fact is very simple, dynamic linking between websites, in full, or in part. A new protocol to aid data recycling.

http://tiki.bigbluebutton.org/playback/slides/playback.html?meetingId=d559965849921585c1849af03b7a51638700d979-1329431237662 (go to 36m30s)


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