File Gallery for Images

Since Tiki3, file galleries have more features to support image galleries also from your local images. For images already elsewhere in internet, use the simple {img src=http://domain/foo.jpg} as usual.

Enable the setting
First an admin has chosen file galleries to manage images also. This option can be enabled at "Admin home > Editing and Plugins > General settings" (tiki-admin.php?page=textarea): "Use File Galleries to store pictures".

Let's see an example of this new usage of the file galleries.

1.1. Upload an image

1.1.1. Through editing a wiki page

In Tiki3, you could do that through the following option of the wiki edit interface:


Starting in Tiki4, and being improved in Tiki5, the edit interface has been revamped and you can open the form to upload images through the appropriate icons in the toolbar area on top of the editing area of the wiki page: Image Image


The first one, Image , opens the plugin helper to add references to images available on Internet somewhere (inside or outside tiki).


The second one, Image , opens the interface to upload images. By default, that interface shows in the basic mode to allow uploading a single image:


However, if we click on the appropriate button on top of the previous type of window, we will see the advanced interface to upload several files with images at once or even a single compressed zip file with many images to be processed in batch mode, as well as selecting the user or categories to link those images to.


1.1.2. Directly through file galleries


1.2. Select the image/s to upload from disk

Chose file (step 1 in the image below), file gallery to set the image to (step 2), optional parameters (step 3, quite self explained), and click on upload (step 4).


1.3. Get the link and syntax to use that image

Once the image is successfully uploaded, you will see a screen like the following:


There you can click on the button "Additional info", and it will display the links and syntax you need to copy in order to re-use that image in youru wiki page, forum, tracker, etc., or in external web sites.


Proceed as usual then onwards. Keep in mind that if you add png images with transparencies, then many url's shown by tiki from file galleries have the &preview or &thumbnail" attached to them, and thus, they will be converted to .jpg (without transparency) by GD on the fly for that modified smaller display. Just remove that param if you wish and the png will be shows as png.

You can also add the extra param "class=reflect" for nice visual effects if you have JQuery and its corresponding JQuery plugin enabled in your site.

Use existing images

Moreover, in order to use existing images from file galleries you can just use the url of the file, for instance, and use the IMG tag as usual:


You will also have the option to display the image in preview mode when passing your mouse pointer over each image.

Or you can use the new image browser within the file galleries, which will allow you to, while editing a wiki page, click on an image from the image browser from the file gallery window and insert the needed code to display where you had your cursor.


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