This is a Tiki preference located at "Look and Feel -> Miscellaneous -> Favicons"
The preference is enabled by default.

Favicons are used by an operating system or browser for various tasks such as bookmarking, dock icons, quick navigation screens, web history, or any other task that the OS/Browser may do. Favicons allow custom icons that match the look and feel of the operating system to be integrated into the user experience.

Quick Start

Using Modern Favicons (preferred)

Visit realfavicongenerator.net and drop your generated favicons into themes/yourtheme/favicons/.

  • Be sure to specify the path for your favicons while generating your icons.
  • Follow all other instructions while generating your icons.
  • You may need to create the favicon directory if it does not exist.

Using a Traditional Favicon (legacy)

Place a single favicon named favicon-16x16.png in your themes favicons directory (themes/yourtheme/favicons/) to continue using traditional favicons on your website. You may optionally place favicon.ico here as well.

Custom Solution (advanced)

Uncheck: Control Panel->Look and Feel->Miscellaneous->Favicons. This will disable all Tiki integration with favicons. You are now free to deploy your own solution.

How it Works

The default Tiki favicons may be customized in any place that Tiki looks for theme overrides, including perspectives, multitki etc. The default favicons can be found at themes/base_files/favicons.

Favicons must be named according to the files in themes/base_files/favicons. No other favicons will be used.

Placing favicon-16x16.png in your themes favicon directory will trigger Tiki to look for the rest of the favicons in your customized folder. You must use favicon-16x16.png, but may choose not to use the remaining favicons. When favicon-16x16.png is the only file placed in your theme favicon directory, none of the default Tiki icons will be displayed.

To generate all the favicons and the supporting files, visit realfavicongenerator.net. RealFaviconGenerator.net continues to update its generated files according to browser support and new standards. Tiki follows the lead of the recommendations on this website for its favicon support.


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