An example slideshow for Tiki

Extending slideshow capabilities in Tiki through JQuery S5


This is a very simple jQuery + Javascript Slide Show engine. It can turn the most basic document, such as this one, into a slideshow.

The concept is based on S5 which is a wonderful HTML slideshow engine. S5, however, requires you to add more markup than I care to worry about. JQS5 doesn't require any special markup to your document. Just add in the header and you're set!

Mouse-over to the bottom of the screen to see options (previous/next slide, notes, etc.)

Simple HTML (or wiki)

You then just make your slides like you would a basic HTML page. Each

(or !!) becomes a slide title and all the things under it are the slide body. The

(or ! ) is the title of the presentation and things below it are part of the footer.

The End

That's all folks!

For more information, see:

List Slides