Email filters

New to Tiki25, email filters have been added to Cypht.

They leverage the Sieve standard, using https://packagist.org/packages/henrique-borba/php-sieve-manager

If your mail server doesn't support Sieve, Tiki will handle the filtering. Just add a command to Tiki Scheduler or a cron job:

php console.php sieve:filters


Only available in Sieve

  • Redirects (like a forward except that email is modified so replies go to the original sender)

Better in Sieve

  • Blocked sender bounce: When done via Sieve, it is done when the email delivery is attempted. So the mail server is instructed not to accept the email, which is way better than accepting, and then replying with a rejection message. Ref: http://www.dontbouncespam.org/#BVR

Only available in Tiki

  • Functionality not covered by the Sieve standard. Here more and more features will be added like move an email to a tracker item via Email folders Tracker Field

Future plans

  • We will leverage Machine Learning so Tiki learns how you filter your emails manually.

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