Editorial Board Meeting 2010 05


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This is a quarterly meeting of the Editorial Board - it runs online from May 1st to July 31st, 2010.

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1. Motions Carried Over

MLP hasn't carried any forward since he was away for a while.

2. New Motions

2.1. New Motion: About Profiles Docs


Only site admin (and there is no end user function for profiles?) docs on how to install profiles should be maintained on doc.two. All other questions are referred to Profiles Documentation

Encouraging Profiles: certain docs like Initial Configuration should be updated to encourage people to use profiles instead as a means for initial setup.

Profiles documentation has been growing on profiles.tiki. Should we port it to doc.two and possible shut down documentation efforts there? - MLP

IMHO doc.tw.o should stay documentation for end users and admins, not for profile developers. So +1 for only "how to use" the feature to put here, otherwise keep it there. — luci

MLP: So profiles are listed as a "developer feature" they can have their own docs section on profiles. This makes sense to me. Docs then needs to maintain info on how to access and install profiles - not how to make them. We just need a clear line as to what gets doc'd where.

(changing the proposal and resetting the counter)

Motion #
Accept Undecided Reject
1 2 0
  • mlpvolt
  • luci
  • marclaporte

2.2. Remove Yellow Warning Label

Motion: The yellow warning label about using tiki5 is very ugly and doesn't really help anybody. Lets get rid of it. (across all tiki sites?)


  • as tiki5 is now more stable, we should remove these labels ASAP.

Motion #
Accept Undecided Reject
3 0 0
  • mlpvolt
  • luci
  • marclaporte

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