Editorial Board Meeting December 2007

This is a page for the meeting of December 2007. Undecided motions are carried over to the next month. Passing a motion required 50% plus one of the current members. Members who miss two consecutive meetings were no longer considered current.

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Carryover from November 2007

Documentation page formatting

Carryover motion from November...

See Documentation page formatting.

No consensus reached.

Clarify who is active on current EB Meeting

Carryover motion from November...

See Clarify who is active on current EB Meeting.

In favour: Xavi

kerrnel22: Could we not judge this from the Contributors to this page list at the bottom? It logs all usernames who participated. We could certainly consolidate that list into the page, but I think it serves the same purpose?

New Items

Forum/comments noise

Is anyone else concerned that that the forums (and comments feature) on doc.tw.o are being used by end-users to post questions and request help? I am afraid that the primary purpose of these doc pages are becoming clouded with things like this and this. If the purpose of doc.tw.o is to provide factual/complete/correct information, then IMHO these questions just add noise. If the forums are meant to be a way to discuss the doc pages themselves, not the actual feature then a note needs to be added to the edit page informing user that they should post their questions on the regular tw.o forums — not here. (ricks99)

Why Use 110 for doctwo?

We already decided to move to 1.10 as soon as we have a volunteer to handle the tech support (maintain CVS up to date and fix bugs uncovered by doc team). The following page is just for us to be ready as soon as we migrate: Dogfood

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