Editorial Board Meeting July 2007

This is a meeting of the Editorial Board - it runs online from July 1 to July 31. Undecided motions are carried over to the next month. Passing a motion requires 50% plus one of the current members. Members who miss two consecutive meetings are no longer considered current.

Last meeting: Editorial Board Meeting 2007 06
Next meeting: Editorial Board Meeting 2007 08

Old Business:

Naming conventions for features. (Forwarded)


Current features for renaming (Approved)


Batch creation from structures (Failed)


Clarify roles of tikiwiki sites (forwarded to August)



  • feature tour!
  • hype!
  • tiki news!


  • front desk (shoutbox)
  • developer community / user pages


  • how to, faq and "official" documentation (whatever that means)
  • Factual information about what Tiki does now.
  • glossary of terms
  • links to dev. for bug reports
  • user forums! (moved to doc to better integrate with the documentation)


  • Wishlist of what Tiki could or should do in the future (bugs, RFEs, etc), contributor user tracker


  • themes repository
  • themes support
  • theme-related tutorials, howtos, etc.
  • extending Tiki visually such as by means of mods to .tpls, etc.



  • specialized sites


  • custom modules
  • commits that never made it in
  • extending Tiki functionally via hacks to .php files, etc.
  • eventually make it gforge-like area (maybe with workspaces?)


Future project to ease translations

(in favor: dthacker)

Multilingual development (forwarded)


feature_autolinks enabled (Approved)


Organic growth using Keywords (Approved)


Underline h2 and h3 headers in default css for Tikiwiki sites (forwarded)


Documenting doc bugs with tracker8 (forwarded)


New Business:

New theme (forwarded)


Latest news

I uploaded the Mittwoch theme files to this site. Please have a look and make suggestions. Use the URL http://doc.tiki.org/tiki-switch_theme.php?theme=mittwoch.css to use Mittwoch. So far I haven't been able to do this while logged in. Maybe there is a conflict with Intertiki. When I log in, I get switched back to the site's default theme.

The left and main column need a wider margin between, I think. And maybe the line-height should be increased a little. There is also a glitch with the module titles not being the right size.

About the colors, I don't know if the color switching will be possible here because Intertiki might insist on overriding the choice. But probably the switching isn't really necessary. We can use the switching while choosing which color to use here. So far I only tested in Opera 9.2. The switching was a little flakey, with the preference not always being remembered, and sometimes a flash of blue at the beginning of the display (maybe this is a feature, not a bug. ;-) ).

Congrats. Gary. :-). I agree on you comments of needed changes, plus I would suggest:

  • make a clear difference in the box to create a new page in structure navigation bar (bakcgroup of the box for that field is too similar to background of the structure navigation bar surrounding it). Same for fields of login box, search wiki pages, etc. (confirmed on all browsers Firefox, Seabird, Konqueror, and IE 6 on GNU/Linux).
  • Options labels in drop down boxes as shown cut by the lower part, for me. Using Firefox Less cut with Mmozilla Seabird, and ok under Konqueror and IE6 under GNU/Linux.
  • Under Internet Explorer 6 (on a GNU/Linux platform) I see grey background for png images: text logo on header, icons on the "learn" and "write" columnes, etc. It's only me? (Xavi)

Older discussion

There are a few layout quirks to finish up, and some style issues need to be decided.

  1. Which color should be used for doc.tw.o?
    • Proposing Blue: Xavi
  2. If none of these colors is right, please make suggestions.
    • Xavi: They are right (and very nice, thanks Gary :-). Looking at drupal.org and joomla.org, for instance, their sites tend to be more colourful. These Mittwoch themes are by far much better than many of previous styles in Tikiwiki (my personal opinion, of course - I love white background with colourful details here and there...), and I just wanted to suggest that for further improvements, to include some more color on top of white background (hec.css is quite in that way..., even if simpler compared to Mittwoch).
  3. In some places (dropdown select) there may be contrast problems (i.e., not enough contrast), so those can be changed. I haven't checked on a variety of displays.
  4. Is the small plus sign sufficient to indicate the page edit, etc., tools dropdown?
    • Xavi: I don't think so, if we think in new users, newbies in computer science, ... (usability). I would suggest a much bigger icon, or just a word like "tools" or similar (like in andreas09.css). However, usability geeks frequently complain about those hidden things (when thinking in potential new users with low skills of computer usage - remember talk from Alain in TikiFest198 ).
  5. Or would people prefer the standard Tiki wiki page tools layout (for edit, print, etc.)?
    • Xavi: If this is going to be a standard theme for doc.tw.o only, then I would vote for this option (most tiki sites have standard layout for tools). If Mittwoch can be released as LGPl, then I would HIGLY encourage making this nice new theme as the default for 1.10 sites, and thus, also for doc.tw.o.
  6. The horizontal navbar can be either static links or a PHP Layers menu, so this should be decided.
  7. Styling is also done for a PHP Layers menu in the side column so that's an option.
  8. The Site Identity header is done, to match the current one at doc.tw.o.
  9. Other suggestions/changes/etc.?
    • Underline (dashed in greys) h2 and h3 headers in default css's for new tikiwiki sites
    • make some kind of "A+" "A-" "Reset" sings on tikiwiki site identity header (a new option) so that users can increase or decrease in a click the default size of text in the site. (similar to many more usable sites: example: http://joomla.org header...
  10. ??

-- Gary/chibaguy

Thanks heaps Gary for your nice (and hard) work! (Xavi)

Site config (tabled)


Table of Contents in .pdf from documentation (forwarded)


Modules Documentation Project (discussion item)


Add doc.tw.o as a custom search provider (forwarded)

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