Old Business


1. Be it moved that the "official" list of Status Tags shall be maintained at Status Tags.

In favor: mlpvolt, dthacker

New Business

CamelCase (WikiWords)

Motion: Whereas WikiWords was primitive feature/syntax/habit of many wikis which was sensibly killed off by leading practitioners such as wikipedia. Creating links from all words containing more than one upper case letter is very messy, not only does it screw up the (already bad) search engine (which doesn't parse bits or words), it is just not good english.

Be it resolved that:
1. CamelCase must die. All good editors must rename all WikiWord pages on sight.
2. The only exception for allowing camelcase is temporary or development pages. In which case they should have a staledate tag.

In favor: mlpvolt

Redirect Plugin

It would be a good idea to install the redirect plugin for doc.two. Even better, if we could start adding auto-redirects to pages in tw.o that have been sucessfully copied into the doc.

In Favor: dthacker, mlpvolt

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