Category Tracker Field

The field type enables you to assign one or more categories to a tracker item.
The categories that are displayed are the children of one category. This parent category must be identified by its category ID.

Once tracker item is categorized, it inherits Category Permissions if applicable as per Permission Enforcement Order


Option Value Description Version
parentId Numeric Category ID of the parent category. This ID can be found by browsing the admin->categories page. (You will first need to have created a new category and any child categories if need be.)
inputtype d, radio, m or checkbox Default will display checkboxes, radio for radio buttons, m for multi-select list box and checkbox for Multiple-selection check-boxes 2.0
selectAll 0 or 1 1 will display a checkbox 'select all' that will give the opportunity to select/deselect all the categories in one click 1.9.8
descendants 0, 1 or 2 All descendant categories (not just first level children) will be included if set to 1, using the full path if set to 2, default is first level only 0 6.0
help 0 or 1 Displays the field description in a help tooltip pre 7.0
output type "", links, ul or ulinks Output Type: Plain, links, unordered list or unordered list of links 12.0?
doNotInheritCategories 0 or 1 Do not inherit the parent tracker's categories (default is to inherit) 13.0
recategorize save or index Recategorization event: on save (default) or save and re-index 15.0


Removing a tracker's category field does not uncategorise the items. This should be done manually before removing the field or using category admin afterwards.

Old pre 7.x notes



The div that contains the selec all button has a class .categSelectAll

Category Browsing

The main field of the tracker item will be displayed in the categories browsing.

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