손실된 편집

위키에서 손실된 편집 이라함은 사용자에 의하거나 혹은 소프트웨어 내의 버그 로 인하여 편집된 내역이 페이지 컨텐츠에 표시되는 것이 실패로 돌아갈 때를 말합니다. 손실된 편집은 좋게 받아들이려해도 짜증이 나고 최악의 경우, 우울해지기도 합니다 (2시간을 허비했다라는 생각을 해보십시오!). 이를 피하려면, 손실된 편집에 대한 주 원인에 대해서 알아보시고 이들에 대한 대처 방법이 있는지 확인해보십시오:

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Lost Edit By Linking Away

Doh! you linked away from a page (in the same window) and when you came back your edit was gone. TikiWiki now has a couple of features to prevent this from happening:

Image Tiki will warn users if they are about to leave (that is, click away from) the wiki Edit Page. Tiki will also warn users if their edit session is about to expire. Note: You must have Javascript enabled on your browser to take advantage of this "lost edit protection."

Image Tiki will Auto save page during editing.^

Lost Edit By Server Busy

You should be able to refresh the page and keep trying.

Lost Edit By Captcha

If you time out a session while the captcha (anti-bot) code is required, Tiki will require a different code and not display it to you. To get around this:

  • Go back a page using the browser back button
  • Press Cntrl+A to select all text, and then press Cntrl+C to copy it
  • Start your edit over again by copying the clipboard into the page (by pressing Cntrl+V) once you've got the page open again

Lost Edit By Closing Browser

Doh! you forgot to save and closed the browser. The only thing that can save you here is if you happened to have pressed Cntrl+A and Cntrl+C right before you did that. If so, then you have the data in your clipboard and can copy it into the page once you have it open again by pressing Cntrl+V.

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