This weeks focus is on finishing. We've got many pages that are partially complete, and could use some research and fill-in time. Here's the list

  1. The Modules page has a list of modules that can be used with tikiwiki. We need someone to fill in the descriptions where they are missing.
  2. The Custom Menus page has had a good narrative upgrade. We need some screenshots to show the user the menu descriptions. There are page markings for the screenshots.
  3. The Newsletters User page could use a couple of clarifying screenshots.
  4. The Newsletters Admin page needs to be refactored and re-written
  5. The Banners Admin Section needs a number of screenshots

If you have any questions about the documentation, or how to accomplish a specific task, please drop me an email, drop an email to the dev-list, or catch me in irc. Have a great week, and keep writing!