• Need some help with DB collation woe    ()
    Hi, one of my Tiki 18.8 has stopped to search... After login in as Admin, I could see the whole error message. Much to my astonishment it was
    Illegal mix of collations (utf8_general_ci,IMPLICIT) and (utf8_unicode_ci,IMPLICIT) for operation '='
    Die Abfrage war:
    SELECT DISTINCT c.`title` AS name, LEFT(c.`data`, 240) AS data, p.`hits` AS hits, c.`commentDate` AS lastModif, CONCAT(p.`pageName`,': ',c.`title`) AS pageName,outputType ,p.`pageName` AS id1,c.`threadId` AS id2, MATCH(c.`title`,c.`data`) AGAINST ('Kämpfer' IN BOOLEAN MODE) AS relevance FROM `tiki_comments` c, `tiki_pages` p left join `tiki_output` on `tiki_output`.`entityId` = p.`pageName` WHERE c.`objectType` = 'wiki page' AND p.`pageName`=c.`object` AND MATCH(c.`title`,c.`data`) AGAINST ('Kämpfer' IN BOOLEAN MODE) ORDER BY relevance desc, p.`hits`
    The built query was likely:
    SELECT DISTINCT c.`title` AS name, LEFT(c.`data`, 240) AS data, p.`hits` AS hits, c.`commentDate` AS lastModif, CONCAT(p.`pageName`,': ',c.`title`) AS pageName,outputType ,p.`pageName` AS id1,c.`threadId` AS id2, MATCH(c.`title`,c.`data`) AGAINST ('Kämpfer' IN BOOLEAN MODE) AS relevance FROM `tiki_comments` c, `tiki_pages` p left join `tiki_output` on `tiki_output`.`entityId` = p.`pageName` WHERE c.`objectType` = 'wiki page' AND p.`pageName`=c.`object` AND MATCH(c.`title`,c.`data`) AGAINST ('Kämpfer' IN BOOLEAN MODE) ORDER BY relevance desc, p.`hits`
    This particular Tiki has data from very old days, migrated lots of times. So far no problems with the DB. When looking deeper I found that for reasons unknown search was set to Lucene, which I do not recall ever activating. Deactivating it, and rebuilding the index (successful) did not help. I had the suspicion it could be related to PHP 7.3, so I downgraded that to 7.2, on which another Tiki 18.8 runs, including search. To no avail. A look at my backups showed me that a discrepancy between the default
    and many tables like
    CREATE TABLE `galaxia_activities` (
      `activityId` int(14) NOT NULL,
      `name` varchar(80) COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci DEFAULT NULL,
      `normalized_name` varchar(80) COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci DEFAULT NULL,  ...
    exist. And have existed for looong. So why is this causing problems now? And how can I rectify this? Thanks hman
  • Can't set checkbox to n on listexecute action?    ()
    Hi All, Sorry if this is not the right place to post this. I'm using a list execute to set checkbox values from y to n. I am using the attached code but it seems to be doing nothing? However, it returns a success as per the attached. Do you know what I'm doing wrong? Thanks
  • Lost System Menu missing from Anonymous Users    ()
    Hi Tiki People I have just begun using TIKI24LTS. My wiki is at https://wiki.fionasuniverse.com/HomePage I have somehow managed to remove the System Menu down the left hand side for anonymous users. All that is displayed is Home Search, & Wiki. I was hoping to display the System Menu to everyone down the left hand side. I’m not sure which setting I need to change to have the System Menu show for everyone. Can anyone help please?
  • Zotero citations in Tiki wiki    ()
    I am a complete novice with all this. I know nothing about coding or programming. I apologise in advance if these are silly questions. I think I am running TIKI24LTS. It was only installed last week. I asked the IT person to install the latest LTS so assume it is TIKI24LTS. How do I tell what version Tiki I have? I’m afraid I don’t know anything about the server it is running on. Where might I find that information? It is a shared server is all I know. The site is at wiki.fionasuniverse.com I’m trying to have Zotero generate a citation on the Tiki wiki page Rockville Rylstone I have spent a lot of time reading the documentation and watching videos and can’t work out how to get Zotero to work despite trying lots of variations in the menu options. I keep getting a 500 Error. In the Zotero Citation screen menu what exactly is the “Reference Key”? Is it the client key from Zotero when the API was created or is it something else? Is the “Reference Tag” the URi of the document? If I do manage to generate the Zotero citation where does it appear? Do I need to set the Footnote and/or Footnotearea somehow and if so how do I do that please? If I do what do I need to enter in footnote class and SameAs Style? Apologies again, if this is a silly question, but I am really keen to get Tiki setup so I can begin entering data. Thanking you in anticipation
  • Can Tiki do row level security?    ()
    Hi all, I've been searching for an answer all day and I've hit a roadblock. I'm wondering if someone can enlighten me on this: is there a way to limit what parts of a tracker (rows) a user sees depending on their group permissions or category permissions? So what I mean by that is, say we have 3 items in a tracker (let's call it TRACKER _X). It has one field for DEPARTMENT, and another field for BUDGET. Two items belong to DEPARTMENT "Finance". One item belongs to DEPARTMENT "Administration". Now lets assume I'm a "Finance" person who belongs in the group "Finance". I don't want to see "Administration" line items when I log in. I don't want to use TRACKER Filter to manually change what I see as I'm not supposed to see another department's data, so I want it to automatically show the relevant items depending on my DEPARTMENT only, when I log in... The only way I could think of doing something like this was to use two different pages and use PluginList to only pre-filter things relevant to me. Note I need edit and view access for only my / my group's line items, which I think I can do in the tracker permissions? Any guidance would be much appreciated 😊 Thank you!
  • question about contens    ()
    i have another problem... this example: i build three main pages one, two, three and from page two, i need a link to page four. Page four is not a main page but a under page. This link should not be in the main table of contents. This link is alway in my main contens. how can i do this? i hope this is to understand? Thanks for answer Uwe
  • No (free)tags in Tiki 25, files gallery ?    ()
    Hello, I'm experimenting media management in Tiki25 (master). The idea is to upload in batch mode folders of pictures (2022, 2021, etc.) and then use tags to allow easy search (Nature, Family, etc). I enabled the tags feature (freetags) and go to "edit property" once a picture is uploaded. No sign of tags insert field. Can't we set a tag on a file in Tiki ?
  • Cookie Consent    ()
    Hi, I use the Cookie Consent feature like this: 1) I have set up a new Google Analytics 4 Property 1.1) to use this it was necesscary to modify the plugin a little bit (see the attachment) - but this is not the point of this topic. Feel free to use the modified code, but there is still some work in the admin-panel to do (description). 2) When the user decide to accept the Analytics Stuff everthing is OK. 2.1)When the user decide to reject the Analytics Stuff, some content will not be displayed. For this I use the Plugin Cookieconsent. 2.2) Now the user change decision and want to accept the additional cookies. Is there a way to change the first cookie consent desicion? Thanks. Bob
  • Tabellenrahmen    ()
    Hallo zusammen, ich habe mein Problem bereits im englischen Forum gepostet und schreibe es hier nun nochmals. Deutsch ist halt einfacher ;-) Ich nutze Tiki 24.x und möchte eine Tabelle erstellen, die auch den Tabellenrahmen und die einzelnen Zellen umrandet. Leider gelingt mir das nicht und ich finde auch keine Syntax dazu. Die Tabelle wird immer ohne Umrandungen gezeigt. Hat da jemand einen Tip? Danke Uwe
  • Trouble with Tables    ()
    Hi, im a Newbee. Im using Tiki 24.x and i try to build a table with color lines. How can i do this? The Tiki Editor build raws and coloum without line colors. I need line colors between the cell. Can everbody help with a tip please? Thanks Uwe

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