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  • SOLVED How to find non-searchable objects in a smarty template and wikiplugin    ()
    Hello, Categories are a non-searchable object. On a wiki page if I want to list the deepcategories under a category I can use: `{LIST(searchable_only="0")}` However how can I do the same, set a "searchable_only" within a smarty template ?
  • Moving a TikiWiki Site from one domain to another    ()
    Hello, I am trying to move the contents of an existing tikiwiki site (26.4) from one domain to another as follows: 1) create a backup of the existing data base contents in the old domain 2) Install TikiWiki (26.2) in the new domain 3) install backed up data in to new data base Initially, when launching the domain, I see the TikiWiki installer but after the restore of the data base when launching the new domain - I am immediately re-routed to the old domain. Is there anywhere a change I need to make in order for this re-routing NOT to occur. I am not an expert - but I can get around Unix and data bases. Thanks in advance Ulrich
  • Is PluginFont working? Or special configuration necessary?    ()
    I tried all 10 fonts, but it looks like only about three work: {img fileId="3531" thumb="box"} {img fileId="3532" thumb="box"} To me, it looks like the first one and the third one in the list above are different, while all the rest are the same font. Maybe I missed some configuration that's necessary? Does anyone use this plugin? thanks, Mike
  • Bug in PluginIcon preventing correct re-sizing?    ()
    Hi, The FontAwesome icons in PluginIcon are tiny and do not re-size correctly ('button width' 'button height') - only the transparent box (or 'area') around the icon get bigger, but the icon stays the same size. Here you can see an example: {img fileId="3530" thumb="box"} The first 'WhatsApp' PluginIcon on the left is tiny, about 15px x 15px, the second one, about 50px x 50 px, is PluginImage. Here is the code for the first two: {CODE(colors="tiki" theme="default")}{button href="https://wa.me/xxxxxxxxxx" _icon_name="whatsapp" _type=" " _target="_blank"} {img type="fileId" fileId="1719" link="https://wa.me/xxxxxxxxxx"} {CODE} Could this be due to PluginIcon using a .png instead of .svg, where if you increase the size of the .png it would not look good so it was coded to only increase the size of the area surrounding the icon? Also interesting is that the size of the WhatsApp icon (and probably most others) when downloaded to my local environment (entire library, not individual) is about 50px x 50px., so maybe there is a bug that is making it smaller to start with? In any case, an image with a link works fine, I just thought I'd give a heads up should this be an 'Easy first contribution' for someone. br, Mike
  • Per page CSS rules    ()
    Is there a way to include custom CSS rules directly into a pages text in a way that is analogous to the MediaWiki CSS extension? (https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:CSS)
  • Choose set up    ()
    Hello I am starting to learn to use tiki wiki. My goal of this is to create a knowledge base and a blog. They will be publically visible. I have installed all the files, and went through the installation I have the basic first page. Where can I go for help to get this basic idea set up? I am not looking for pretty, as this will come in time. Thanks Joseph
  • Upgrading tiki from a very old version    ()
    I was told that our company's tiki was installed more than 10-12 years ago. I do have an admin access to it via the web interface. I would appreciate if someone can answer or give hints on the following questions: - How to find out what version of tiki is currently installed? - When we do an upgrade, will the system automatically upgrade the other components too, like PHP or MySql? - We have some content already in our tiki. Would it be better just to get a fresh install of the latest tiki, and then import the data to it? If so, how to do it? Thank you in advance for your help.
  • Selecting Wiki structure pages to be printed / grouped for PDF (book creation)    ()
    Hello, I have a Tiki 25 (will become Tiki 26 and 27)where I use the Wiki page Structures feature. I have there about 500 pages and I would like to create different books using different set of pages. Book A = Print pages from structure 1.1 + page 4.1.3 + pages from structure 2 + ... Book B = Print pages from structure 4 + Print pages from structure 7.1 + page 3.1.1 + pages from structure 2 + ... Etc... First, is such possible with the actual ? 🤗 In case it is not what are the option ? I thought I could work it out with plugin list or list execute but I don't find anything about structures at https://doc.tiki.org/Search-and-List-from-Unified-Index
    Another direction would be to use the categories to group book pages. Category: bookA, bookB, etc. ''In all case I would need to have a way to set the page order.''
    Once I have my collection of page ready (bookA, bookB, etc) how to allow the "save as pdf" or "print bookA" action ? Thanks for ideas. {DIV(bg="#ebf9ff" width="100%" align="center")}{icon name="user" size="1"} Bsfez | {icon name="facebook" size="1"} Bernard Sfez | {icon name="youtube" size="1"} Tiki Express Tutorials | {icon name="envelope-o" size="1"} me at bsfez.com | {icon name="home" size="1"} https://www.bsfez.com{DIV}
  • Profile page not able to access.    ()
    https://tiki.org/tiki-editpage.php?page=UserPageNavneet%20Dudhagara You do not have permission to edit this page. I want to edit my profile on tiki, but I was getting error while editing.
  • MediaWiki import under PHP 8    ()
    I am trying to import from MediaWiki into an existing TikiWiki (trying to consolidate my wikis). I have recently updated to TikiWiki 26.2 and my server runs PHP 8.2.12. I am importing from MediaWiki 1.41.0. When I use the importer, I get the response: Loading and validating the XML file Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Non-static method Text_Wiki::factory() cannot be called statically in MY TIKIWIKI DIR/lib/importer/tikiimporter_wiki_mediawiki.php:125 Stack trace:
    1. 0 MY TIKIWIKI DIR/lib/importer/tikiimporter_wiki_mediawiki.php(109): TikiImporter_Wiki_Mediawiki-configureParser()
    2. 1 MY TIKIWIKI DIR/tiki-importer.php(56): TikiImporter_Wiki_Mediawiki-import('/tmp/phpetlPMw')
    3. 2 {main} thrown in MY TIKIWIKI DIR/lib/importer/tikiimporter_wiki_mediawiki.php on line 125
    Can you advise?

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Admin Guide User Guide


Keywords serve as "hubs" for navigation within the Tiki documentation. They correspond to development keywords (bug reports and feature requests):

Accessibility (WAI and 508)
Articles and Submissions
BigBlueButton audio/video/chat/screensharing
Browser Compatibility
Link Cache
Clean URLs
Communication Center
Compression (gzip)
Contacts (Address Book)
Contact us
Content Templates
Custom Home and Group Home Page
Date and Time
Debugger Console
Directory of hyperlinks
Documentation link from Tiki to doc.tiki.org (Help System)
Dynamic Content
Dynamic Variable
External Authentication
Featured links
File Gallery
Friendship Network (Community)
Gmap Google maps
i18n (Multilingual, l10n)
Image Gallery
Inter-User Messages
Kaltura video management
Live Support
Logs (system & action)
Look and Feel
Map with Mapserver
Meta Elements
Mobile Tiki and Voice Tiki
Performance Speed / Load
Platform independence (Linux-Apache, Windows/IIS, Mac, BSD)
Profile Manager
Search engine optimization
Search and Replace
Semantic links
Shadow Layers
Shopping cart
Social Networks
Spam protection (Anti-bot CATPCHA)
Tell a Friend, alert + Social Bookmarking
Theme CSS & Smarty
Tiki Manager
User Administration including registration and banning
User Files
User Menu
Web Services
Wiki History, page rename, etc
Wiki Syntax
Wiki structure (book and table of content)

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