Editorial Board Meeting 2009 07


About Quorum and Voting


This is a meeting of the Editorial Board - it runs online from July 1st to July 31st, 2009.

  • Members considered current for this meeting (4): lindon, ricks99, marclaporte and xavi
    3 votes (for, against or abstain) are needed to reach quorum on the decisions for this month. Please read above the [+] "About Quorum and voting" section.
  • Contributors to this meeting: see "history" of the page.

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Motions Passed Last Month

  • Motion "Change doc.tw.o menus" according to doctwo revamp taking into account the observations from the past ebm
    1 current member voting for, and 1 current member voting undecided.
  • Motion "Remove my footnotes"
    2 current members voting for it.
  • ...
  • Motion XN: bla bla...

Motions Defeated Last Month

  • Motion "Remove en-uk as a possible language"
    1 current member voting against, and 1 current member voting undecided.

1. Motions Carried Over

1.1. Motion Change doc.tw.o modules

Motion: Change modules according to doctwo revamp proposal page.

Discussion: see that doctwo revamp page.

  • lindon (I don't mean that i completely oppose but i do like the registered users online, and search by page name modules for registered users. Also assume the developer menu would remain for those users.)
    xavi: so do I. I'm ok with the general proposition with your additional comments, lindon
    • For an end-user, what value does the "Registered Users Online" module give? (ricks99)
      • If I register for a site like this, where just about the only reason to do so is to collaborate and "volunteer" in some way, then I enjoy seeing who else is online. It's motivating to me. If I just want info then I don't login here. But that's just me ;-) Certainly not a deal-breaker one way or the other, but I would miss it if it went away. (lindon)
        • I guess to have it for Registered only would be OK. But for Anonymous visitors, I see little value.
          • Agree - my original suggestion above was for registered users only. (lindon)

lindon again: would like a bookmark module for adding own bookmarks

  • Hmm... To be honest, I've never used Tiki's bookmarks. I've always simply used bookmarks directly within my browser.
    • But nice to give the option for those that like such modules? Or do you think it clutters things too much? (lindon)
      • For me, it is just visual clutter. But if we enable Registered users to configure their own modules, then people like me could remove it, and folks like you could keep it. (ricks99)
        • Great idea. (lindon)

What about using polls, surveys, etc. to ask users for opinions on what modules they would like or not like (like "Would you like to see a bookmark module on the side menu?", "Do you find the keyword list useful?" etc.). We could expand it to cover other things periodically like "What area of documentation needs the most work?", "What pages do you think work best?". Just a thought. Not sure what the experience has been with this sort of thing. (lindon)

  • IMHO this should be posted in the Documentation forum on tw.o. I really think we should strive to keep doc.tw.o neat and clean — KISS.

Motion #
Accept Undecided Reject
1 1 1
  • ricks99
  • xavi
  • lindon

1.2. categories for status

Motion: keep Categories to indicate also the status of wiki pages, besides the wiki tags and freetags

Discussion: are there but not being used. Do we use? or do we nuke?

  • I (ricks99) would like to continue to use them (to alert readers as to the "correctness" of a particular page). However I see a potential issue: How can we "split" the category of a page when using the VERSIONS plugin? For example, the 2.x information may be "LIVE", but the 3.x information may be "TO DO." Currently (I think), Tiki allows only 1:1 — category:page.
  • I (ricks99) would also like to see the categories be simplified. Maybe something like:
    1. Stub — Newly generated page; no real content.
    2. In Progress — Being worked on, not up-to-date or complete.
    3. In Review — Content complete. Needs to be reviewed/verified.
    4. Complete — Page is done & published.

Maybe also use Staging feature?

lindon wrote:
I could take or leave the categories for users, but find the backlinks method used in documentation status and the other tools marc has set up (like All plugins) to be the best for authors.

xavi: I propose to remove all categories for status, since they are applicable to the whole wiki page, and I find the status tags and backlinks (implemented by mlpvolt and dthacker, afaik) much more versatile in a per version, section or paragraph basis.

+ I suggest to keep categories only for monitoring specific groups of pages like in EBM pages. CLick once to monitor somewhere for EMB pages, and you receive emails about changes on all pages, even if you forget the monitor the page for the new month (in case it has been properly categorized, of course ;-) ).

marclaporte: if we keep, who will clean up the 1000 pages? We need a reset/clean-up. Perhaps erase all and build organically from now on.

Motion #
Accept Undecided Reject
1 1 1
  • ricks99
  • lindon
  • xavi

1.3. new entry in faq (1)

Motion: I would like to have the following entry added in its FAQ sections found at http://doc.tiki.org/tiki-list_faqs.php

Installation and Setup:
How do I know I have the latest/current version of TikiWiki?
The latest version is always the one you find on the Sourceforge download site http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=64258 or available from http://info.tiki.org/tiki-index.php?page=Get+Tiki
From a running installation, you can verify you are up to date by performing a release check. This is done by selecting the first item in the General section of the Configuration Sections.

Discussion: I find it dangerous and cumbersome to not be informed of new and potentially security related versions, upgrades and bugfixes of TikiWiki. While there is no solution to that problem, I find it important to provide the information how to overcome it, by checking before installing, or using the release check.

  • Does this really need to be an EBM Motion? Why not simply submit this as a new Suggested FAQ? Isn't that the purpose of enabling the SUGGEST AN FAQ option? (ricks99)

Motion #
Accept Undecided Reject
4 0 0
  • xavi
  • tobi_h
  • lindon
  • ricks99

1.4. new entry in faq (2)

Motion: I would like to have the following entry added in its FAQ sections found at http://doc.tiki.org/tiki-list_faqs.php

How do I find out about vulnerabilities and security issues of my TikiWiki installation?

Currently, the best way to do that is to subscribe to the RSS feed of insert relevant website here, and checking that on a regular basis. Maybe we will dedicate an announcement mailing lists later on.

Discussion: I find it dangerous and cumbersome to not be informed of new and potentially security related versions, upgrades and bugfixes of TikiWiki. While there is no solution to that problem, I find it important to provide the information how to overcome it, by using the RSS feed. I'd appreciate if there were a commitment by the developers WRT the location of such announcements. ;)

Motion #
Accept Undecided Reject
3 0 0
  • xavi
  • tobi_h
  • lindon

1.5. new entry in faq (3)

Motion: I would like to have the following entry added in its FAQ sections found at http://doc.tiki.org/tiki-list_faqs.php

Can I have a RSS feed of comments to Blog entries on my site?
Currently, this feature is not yet implemented. Look at bugs http://dev.tiki.org/tiki-view_tracker_item.php?itemId=1194 and http://dev.tiki.org/tiki-view_tracker_item.php?itemId=2070 for updates on this.

Discussion: Concerning the RSS feed of comments: I am bitten daily by this, and have several users of my site on my back with this. I guess I am not the only one looking for that information. :-)

Motion #
Accept Undecided Reject
3 0 0
  • xavi
  • tobi_h
  • lindon

1.6. allow doc.tw.o_contributors to add faqs

Motion: Provide the perms to the "doc.tw.o_contributors" group to add faqs.

Discussion: xavi mentioned this to be a good idea. I agree. :-)

Is a doc contributor the same as a doc editor? If yes, then I agree. If not, then the doc contributor should be using the "Suggest an FAQ" feature, and the doc editor should approve/reject the suggestion.

  • Doc contributor belongs to the DocContributors group in tw.o, while Doc editor, belongs to DocTwoEditors in tw.o. For more information, read the ebm from June'08 (a passed motion reported at the meeting in july'08).

Motion #
Accept Undecided Reject
3 1 0
  • xavi
  • tobi_h
  • lindon
  • ricks99

1.7. New Motion 5

Motion: Keep doc.tw.o for docs (what Tiki does) and send all support requests (how should I do this?, does Tiki do this?, etc) to http://tikiwiki.org/forums and bug reports/feature requests to dev:report a bug (what we wish Tiki did). So remove this page and ones like it: Feature Problems and review/clarify get help. Here is an example of pollution

I am ok to keep a link from doc to any relevant thread or info. So there could be relevant links section on all pages.

Maybe we can have a custom module or plugin on each doc page:


And, ideally, all doc pages that have corresponding sister wiki page on dev.tw.o should have a prominent link.

Motion #
Accept Undecided Reject
0 0 0

2. New Motions

2.1. New Motion 1

Motion: Describe it here in 1 or 2 paragraphs. Just describe, don't discuss or justify why you propose that.

Discussion: Describe here why you propose that, pros and cons, etc. as much as needed.

In Favor:


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