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From: Luis Argerich <luis@fu...> - 2003-11-18 09:33

Warning, may contain PHP alike substance

I just quickly added a new feature to the code, it"s absolutely beta and
experimental and I reallye expect others, specially "visually" gifted
developers to enhance this feature and fix it if it"s not working as
The basic idea is to generate a WebHelp from a Tiki Structure (Structure = a
tree of wiki pages as you know)
From the strucctures menu you will see a button to create a webhelp. The
webhelps are created in whelp/$name where name is configurable and defaulted
to the name of the root of the structure.
The generated webhelp is a static representation of the structure with a js
tree that can be used to navigate the structure and a search
function, print function, history and some other gizmos.
I think we can use this to distribute the Tikified Tiki documentation in an
usable format for users and since structures can be re-created
whenever you want we can also keep an online version in
I think this has a lot of potential but there"s a lot to improve in the
presentation and very raw code I just introduced.
I based this in the new model for structures by Chris Holman so it will work
with 1.8+
Comments, rants and questions as always will be appreciated.


PS: One to-do is to make the CSS of the webhelp compatible with the default
style for the site, in order to do this I think that we must edit the base
(.html) files in the lib/tikihelp directory and make them use elements
already defined in the style instead of redefining new elements.
Blah blah....

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