Feeds Admin 

Clicking the Feeds icon on the Admin Panel (See Tiki Config ), takes you to the Feeds (RSS) settings.

Configure RSS Feeds 

This panel can be used to control the RSS feeds that Tiki generates on-the-fly as they are requested. RSS feeds can be used to syndicate different aspects of your Tiki web site to other web sites. In this panel you can enable/disable feeds and you can control the maximum number of items that will be generated for each feed.

  • Switch a single feed on/off
  • Set number of entries for each feed
  • Language tag for RDF output (eg en-us, de-de ...)
  • Publisher (RDF 1.0 only)
  • Creator (RDF 1.0 only)
  • Editor (RDF 2.0 only)
  • Webmaster (RDF 2.0 only)

Feeds Admin
Feeds Admin

The available feeds and their meanings:

Articles This feed lists the last n articles in your site.
Blogs This feed lists the last n posts to blogs in your site.
Individual Blog This feed lists the last posts to a given Blog. (There's a feed for each weblog.)
Image galleries This feed lists the last images uploaded to image galleries (any) in your site
Individual Image galleries This feed lists the last uploaded images to a given gallery. (There's a feed for each gallery.)
File galleries This feed lists the last n files uploaded to file galleries (any) in your site.
Individual file galleries This feed lists the last files uploaded to a given file gallery. (There's a feed for each file gallery.)
Wiki This feed lists the last changes to the Wiki.
Forums Lists the last n topics to the Forums (all the forums)
Individual Forum List the last n topics to a given forum.
TrackersThis feed lists the last (or first) n items for a tracker
Individual trackers itemsThis feed lists the updates to a given tracker.
Calendar List the last n items in the given calendar
Directories List the last n sites new in all directories.
Map files List the last n mapfiles new on the tiki site.


To get the rss of a tracker
To get the rss of a tracker with items having a specific exact value for a field and an open status
To not display the id of the item

New in tw>=5.0 

For file galleries, we can specify multiple galleries



On some sites, objects shown in a feed need authentication. The setting 'RSS basic Authentication' can be used to allow a local authentication for the feed.

With this setting, you can use an url where you give your login password to access such rss


tw >=5.0
For rss readers that do not accept the above syntax, you can use


Otherwise with this setting and if no login information is provided , a login popup will be displayed. This will log you in tikiwiki.
Warning: For this last case, as it is an http authentication, if the user logs out from tikiwiki, il will not be logged from the feed view until he closes his browser or window.

Permissions like tiki_p_wiki_view_ref, tiki_p_blog_post_view_ref, tiki_p_blog_view_ref ... can also be useful for a site that needs to be log-in to see the objects but where the feed can be seen by anonymous

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