Custom Home Page

By default, TikiWiki uses the wiki page named HomePage as your site's home page. A default HomePage is created automatically during installation. You can change your home page by using one of these methods:

  • To select a different TikiWiki feature to use as the home page (such as the forum or an image gallery), select the feature in the Home Page field of the General Admin->Navigation tab.
  • To use a different URL as the home page, enable the Use URL Index option on the General Admin->Navigation tab and include the complete URL (Use different URL as homepage).
  • Use the custom home page template
  • To have a home page assigned for each / by group enable Use group homepages. Check Group Home Page for details.

Custom Home Page Template


Group Homes

Similarly, you can set up group home pages, where upon login, users are sent to the home page of their group. If they are a member of several groups, the default group is chosen. Please see Groups