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2012-09: A new Server Check script has been developed that will make everything easier! Just upload a single PHP file to your server and you will get advice on your server configuration.

Tiki Installation Guide

This Tiki Installation Guide includes information for installing Tiki in a number of different environments.

You don't have to be a web developer or programmer to install Tiki. Tiki includes an easy-to-use, wizard-based installer (the Tiki Installer) which will do most of the work for you. For some items, you will need access to your webhost's control panel.

You might consider using Tiki Friendly hosts — webhosts that support Tiki. Many of these hosts will install Tiki for you free of charge.

Tiki is also available as a one-click installation from many popular web host applications (such as Fantastico, SimpleScripts, and Jumpbox). Consult your webhost for details.

The Tiki documentation is a community effort. We invite you to join us! See http://doc.tikiwiki.org/Welcome+Authors.

This documentation is licensed under a Commons Attribution - ShareAlike License.

For details, see http://doc.tiki.org/Creative+Commons+Attribution-ShareAlike+License and http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5/.

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