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Module Settings Parameters

This page documents the standard parameters that can be used with all or many modules. A module may have additional parameters that are specific to it - see Index of Modules for links to the documentation of individual modules with information about module-specific parameters.

Standard Parameter List

Below are the standard parameters used to configure modules, grouped into the main types of settings.
With PluginModule, use the "Parameter" column for the parameter name, not the "Label" column. The label is what appears on the Admin->Modules form used to enter settings.

Except for Module Name, these Basic settings are not used with PluginModule, only with Admin->Modules

Label Parameter Accepted Values Description
Module Name module With PluginModule, the format is "last_blog_posts" for example Select the module to display. Both pre-configured modules and any custom modules you may have defined will be available.
Position n/a left or right
With Tiki7:
Top Bar
Page Top
Page Bottom
Select which area the module should be displayed in.
Order n/a number from 1 through 49 Select the order for this module. Will be displayed in ascending order within each area, with module 1 shown first.
If two or more modules have the same order number, Tikiwiki will randomly select a which module appears first. You can use the Assigned Modules area to move modules up or down, within a column
Cache Time n/a numeric The amount of time (in seconds) that the module's content can be in the cache (regardless of this number some modules are never cached). If a module can be cached then it will be refreshed after the indicated time passes.
Use 0 to never cache the module.
Groups n/a any valid group name Use to select which groups will see the module. You must select at least one group — or no one will be able to see the module. If you select more than one group, the module will be shown to users who belong to any of the selected groups.
Visibility n/a This option appears only if you have selected the Users can configure modules on the Admin Modules page. Use this option to specify if users who have customized their modules will be able to see the newly assigned modules. Select from the following options:
Displayed now for all eligible users even with personal assigned modules
Displayed now for all eligible users with no personal assigned modules
Displayed now, can't be unassigned
Not displayed until a user chooses it
This setting can be affected in other ways by the overall admin settings for modules - see Module Admin for more information.

With version 3x and before, the parameters setting is where all parameters were set, as explained in the Interface and Syntax section above:
Label Parameter Accepted Values Description
Parameters n/a Parameter settings separated by "&", Example: "notitle=y&lanf=fr" Add any parameters here.

Where To Go From Here

To learn about any module-specific parameters related to an individual module, please see Index of Modules for links to the documentation of individual modules with information about that module's specific parameters.

Or go to the next page in the Module Admin series to learn about Creating User Modules.



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