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Maps have been supported in Tiki since 2003 (which is why some call it a GeoCMS). There is geo-related info in various places (users, trackers, image galleries, articles, blog posts, etc.). This was originally done using MapServer, an active and powerful FLOSS mapping solution. However, it requires a dedicated server and more importantly, access to map data (which is not easy).

Later on, Google Maps arrived, providing an easy to use map integration to regular web sites, even without having to manage mapping data. Thus, Google Maps specific code was added to Tiki, which was convenient for a lot of people.

Then, after a community discussion, starting in Tiki7, OpenLayers (another option was Mapstraction) was added as a native way to handle maps, which permits to use tiles from Google Maps, Bing Maps, OpenStreetMap (which is like Wikipedia but for maps), MapQuest (which serves OpenStreetMap maps), etc.

The Cartograf project further improved maps in Tiki8, Tiki9, Tiki10 and Tiki11. Many features were added, including Street View support.

In Tiki12, all Google Maps specific code was removed in favor of using OpenLayers, so Google Maps is accessible via the OpenLayers Google Layer

Next step for Tiki13 is to remove MapServer-specific code and move to the OpenLayers MapServer Layer

Map-related documentation is currently (as of January 2013) a mix of these 3 approaches and needs a serious clean-up. Volunteers: please contact marclaporte at tiki dot org

Google Map feature

Tiki has more than one map feature, Tiki map (with Mapserver) can handle a huge number (5000+) of objects, Gmap provides the convenience of having Google maintain your mapserver. This implementation uses v2 of the google map API, documented on http://www.google.com/apis/maps/documentation/reference.html


What it does

The googlemap can
  • provide a display of a map with a set location.
  • store geolocations from user input
  • show where all the site's users are on the map
  • search and categorize geolocations.
  • add geolocation and display a map as a Google Maps tracker field
  • Mod GMap is available at mods.tiki.org, which adds functionality to use GMap to pair wiki pages with mapped locations.

Quick Guide to Setup GMap

  1. requires at least Tiki 1.9.4
  2. request a google key on http://www.google.com/apis/maps/signup.html
  3. enable google map in features admin panel tiki-admin.php?page=features
  4. add googlemap key to /tiki-admin.php?page=gmap (and only key) and save
  5. when key is added that page presents a map so you can setup default center and zoom level
  6. the link to googlemap locator is now added in user preferences page
  7. admin can setup and change location for any user from adminuser page
  8. add a link to /tiki-gmap_usermap.php in your navigation
  9. use PluginGoogleMap to insert googlemaps within wiki pages and to geocode specific wiki pages


By using the HTML and JavaScript plugins OpenLayers can also be used with Tiki Although it is not yet integrated into the system as Google Maps is, markers on an OpenLayers map can be linked to tracker items and wiki pages. See this page. OpenLayers is now integrated

From here:


    • tiki-gmap_usermap.php and templates/tiki-gmap_usermap.tpl




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These keywords serve as "hubs" for navigation within the Tiki documentation. They correspond to development keywords (bug reports and feature requests):

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