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Graphviz Install

Graphviz provides a collection of tools for manipulating graph structures and generating graph layouts.

Image For those who would like to use Dynamic SiteMap graph generation in Tikiwiki, we recommend the Graphviz library and the PluginWikigraph. GraphViz with Wikigraph plugin (in mods.tw.o) work well still with Tiki 3 LTS, but not with Tiki 6 LTS.

Install Graphviz and Libs

  • On Windows the default installer exe should do all necessary steps.
    Get Graphviz from http://graphviz.org/pub/graphviz/.
  • On RPM based system (RedHat, Mandrake)
    rpm -q graphviz
  • On APT based system (Debian, Knoppix)
    apt-get -s install graphviz
  • For Portage users (Gentoo)
    emerge graphviz

Testing an installed Graphviz Setup

Troubleshooting Hints

  • Image Graphviz consumes LOTS of memory with even small (no. of wikipages less than 100) wiki content. Try to keep the Level of the graph low in order to use wiki pages including dynamic graphs.
  • Image If you use Windows, copy GraphViz binary files (dot.exe, neato.exe, etc) from the GraphViz bin folder to the windows\system32 or equivalent folder (NaV/system32). The installer should have done this job for you, but we recommend double-checking if you encounter errors. It's not the same to put the exe's in the path, they must be in a Windows system directory.
  • In PHP Safemode environments, special adjustments need to be made to use external libraries.
    • These settings will be included here.

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