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Freetags General Settings tab

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This tab is the main place to enable and disable Freetags features and attributes

To Access
From the Tags page, click the General Settings tab.

Freetags General Preferences tab
Freetags General Preferences tab

Setting Description Default
Show tag cloud: This option enables visibility of the full tag cloud in the list tags screen enabled
Maximum number of tags in cloud The maximum number of tags that will be shown in the cloud. 50
Show freetags in middle column: Where pages have tag content, this option enables freetag display on that page at the top. Freetags can be set in the Properties tab when editing Wiki pages for example enabled
Preload freetag random tag: If enabled, a random tag will be selected when displaying the freetag search page (if no tag is pre-selected).
Random tag cloud colors: Tags can be randomly assigned to different colors. Input the colours here separated by a comma. Colors can be in "~color name" or html "#xxxx" format
Number of Tags to show in Tag Suggestions: Controls the number of tags that will appear as tag suggestions 10
Valid characters pattern: Click on the links below to set or clear a pattern to limit Freetag characters accepted. Useful to eliminate characters such as "," which users can enter by mistake instead of a space. All characters accepted
Lower case tags only: When enabled converts all uppercase characters into lower case. Another useful feature to make Freetags slightly more user friently enabled
Multilingual tags: When enabled, you can translate tags.
"More Like This" algorithm: This option enables tagged material to offer a find potentially related content. Basic will present content where a minimum number of tags match the item or page being viewed. Weighted is the same, but items are presented in Weighted (highest value first) sort order. Basic
Minimum amount of tags in common: Used with the above option to determine the minimum number of matching tags required for an item to be presented in the "More Like This" feature 2
Tag Management
Cleanup unused tags: Deletes tags that are no longer referenced by any content


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