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Use this page to configure the global settings for polls.

To access
Click the Polls icon Polls Admin on the Admin Panel
Access http://yourdomain.com/tiki-admin.php?page=polls

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Polls ask a single question and allow usrs to select (or vote) for a single response. Alternatives to polls include:

  • Surveys - can include multiple questions (polls only ask one).
  • Quiz - is a survey with a fixed amount of time to answer it - can be used for online tests.
  • Trackers is a more robust way to collect input from users and display collected results.

Polls page
Polls page

Setting Description Default
Activate the Feature
Polls Enable this option to active the Polls feature
Anonymous If enabled, the Anonymous Group can vote in polls. Note: This can be overridden by specific permissions.
Allow re-voting If enabled, visitors can vote mulitiple times for a poll. Tiki tracks users by username (when logged in) or IP address Enabled
Comments for polls If enabled, polls can have comments.
Show Categories If enabled, Tiki displays the poll's category, if applicable.
Show Objects
Multiple Polls per Object

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Polls are a commonly used in community and news oriented sites to help reveal popular opinion or for decision making. For example, the Tikiwiki Community has always used polls to decide the titles of each Tiki Release since 1.0. Polls are only one way to ask questions to users.

Pages about this feature: Poll Admin

Using Polls

To begin using Polls, first activate the feature in the ADMIN-->General screen.

Note: for version 2.2 (and possibly others) a poll template selected in the Wiki edit screen will only be saved to the database if the Categories feature is also enabled.

Tiki you can create as many polls as you want. zero to n polls in the Tiki pages. You can also have a set of several active polls and display only one poll in a page. In that case, Tiki will rotate through the set of polls. Users with the right permission can see poll results, examine old polls and vote in any poll that is not closed.

Polls as a Plugin

Polls as a Side Module

Once you have actived the polls feature you can assign a poll to side module using Create new user module under Admin Modules, see Modules.
(Copy this template into any feature page and use as a format guide.)


Polls and Anonymous

It is possible to allow an anonymous to vote by activating the feature in admin->polls and assigning tiki_p_vote permission to Anonymous (admin->groups). In tikiwiki 1.9, Anonymous can vote as many times as they want. In version 2.0, Anonymous can vote only one time during their php session (check admin->phpinfo->session.gc_maxlifetime to have an idea of the minimum time a session last - depending on your server setting and the activity of your site, it can be longer).

Poll templates

A poll template is a poll used for Rating, such as to ask "Was this page helpful?". The poll template can be added to a Wiki pages or a Tracker. The Category feature must be enabled.

The steps are:
  • create a template poll
  • create the poll option
  • enable admin->wiki->rating
  • when editing a page, give the poll to the field 'Use rating'

And it will look like this in a wiki page



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