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New in Tiki9

New features added in Tiki9:
  • Calendar names are now translatable (but not individual events).
    • This is useful if you have a calendar ID which has events in several languages. Ex. Training/Formation for CalendarID #4 and each event's info (ex.: name/description) can be in any language or you can make bilingual. The translation of the calendar name label is done like any other translation string in Tiki (lang/**/language.php or lang/**/custom.php or Interactive Translation.
  • New options have been added to set default new events to all day, and another option to put the name of the event on each day.

New in version 2 and version 3



There are several time/date & calendar-related features:

  • The Mini Calendar: MyTiki's personal calendar. A simple appointment list.
  • The Calendar: Tiki's main calendar. This can display:
    • The Tools Calendars which report system-created lists of changes/additions, such as the creation or edit of a wiki page, upload of a file, including date and time, user, and description. This requires the permission tiki_p_view_tiki_calendar.
    • The Event Calendars which show user created information such as events or appointments, and requires the permission tiki_p_view_calendar. Different calendars can be created, with distinct permissions for each. It is also possible to setup a Personal calendar here. This duplicates the mini-calendar feature but with integration with the other calendars (so you can see in one view both your personal events and the other events).
  • The feature jscalendar adds a nifty date picker to Event Calendars. (and trackers)
  • The modules calendar and calendar_new add a small calendar to a lateral column with events in hover boxes
  • In Tiki10, a new plugin was added to display tracker data in a calendar-type of display of items, useful for project management, where you can drag & drop to move or click & drag to resize the duration of events. See PluginTrackerCalendar.


For the moment there is no possibility to include a calendar formated like tiki-calendar.php into a wiki page, beyond the PluginTrackerCalendar since Tiki10. To display a calendar in that format one must use a link
[domain/tiki-calendar.php?calIds=1|Display Calendar Nr 1]

To display multiple calendars use the following code
[domain/tiki-calendar.php?calIds~0=4&calIds~1=6|Display Calendar Nr 4 and Nr 6]

Example of usage in a wiki page through the plugin module and several modules inside.

tiki3_calendar_3x1.png (27.04 Kb)

Key Function and Sub-features
  • Calendar tab provides view of appointments for a time period set by administrator
  • Event tab allows for event scheduling
  • Events can be all day long.
  • Several categories for simple selection.
  • Import Events from a CSV - using url/tiki-calendar_import.php (see details)
  • You can change your site's date and time preferences in url/tiki-admin.php?page=general

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