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How to Remove SPAM

Spam in comments can be checked at tiki-list_comments.php

Before you delete, you may want to check what other spam this same username may have added.

  • Check tiki-adminusers.php
  • Click on Image for this user.
  • Click "contributions" (this can be activated at tiki-admin.php?page=community (Show user's contribution on the user information page)
  • Once you have removed all the spam generated by that user, you can either delete the account from tiki-adminusers.php or use the Banning feature.

Alternatively, you can do both things in just a few clicks:
  • remove many spam comments frmo that user or many users
  • ban the corresponding IP's from where the spammers where posting (if you ban just the username, they can still ergister with another username from the same IP)
Both things can be chained and performed by a minimum number of clicks through tiki-list_comments.php provided that you have the corresponding features enabled: Banning.

An extra feature helpful in collaborative sites open for anonymous or plain self-registered users to add comments is to enable comment moderation. This way, comments are hold for admin moderation before publicly available, and therefore, you can remove then and ban their ip's in bulk before letting those spam comments show up publicly in your tiki site.

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