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General Preferences tab

Configure site-wide preferences

To Access
From the General Admin page, click the General Preferences tab.

Some of these options can be configured during Installation
In Tiki2, all General Admin options were on a single tab.

General Preferences tab
General Preferences tab

Setting Description Default
Release Check
Tiki version Displays your current Tiki version. Click Reset or Upgrade Your Database to run the Tiki installer.
Check for updates automatically If enabled, Tiki will automatically check for new updates each time you access the Admin Home page, based on your Check frequency selection.
Tip: Subscribe to the Tiki Newsletter to be notified of new releases.
Check frequency How often Tiki should check for updates. This field applies only if Check for updates automatically is enabled.
Click Check for Updates Now to perform an update check.
Each week
Site Identity
Browser title The text to include in the TITLE tag for each Tiki page. This will appear in the titlebar of your users' browser. My Tiki
Site title location Location of the site title in the browser's titlebar, relative to the description fo the current page: Before, After, or None. None
Browser title display mode When using Breadcrumbs, specify which Browser title to display: Most specific first, Least specific first, Current only, or page Description. Most specific first
Sender email The return email address used by Tiki when sending Mail notifications.
Default charset for sending mail Specify the character encoding used by Tiki when sending mail notifications. utf-8
Mail end of line Specify the end-of-line (EOL) character used by Tiki when sending mail notifications: CRLF or LF. LF
Mail sender Specify if Tiki should use Sendmail(the PHP mail() function) or SMTP to send mail notifications. Sendmail
Email to send a test mail To test Tiki's ability to send mail notifications, enter an email address to which to send a test message, and click Change preferences
Logging and Reporting
PHP Error reporting level Specify how Tiki should report any PHP errors: No reporting, All reporting, or All reporting except notices. Report all PHP errors except notices
Visible to admin only If enabled, errors will be shown to only the Admin user. Disabled
Include Smarty notices If enabled, Tiki will display Smarty notices, too. Enabled
Disable JavaScript If enabled, all site JavaScript will be disable, even if allowed by the browser.
Caution Caution: Use only for testing or troubleshooting. When enabled, many Tiki features will not operate correctly.
Log mail in Tiki logs If enabled, a line of type mail will be included in the System Log with the destination address and subject of each email sent. Disabled
Log SQL If enabled, all SQL queries will be registered in the database in the adodb_logsql table.
Caution Caution: Do not enable this feature all the time. It can be very resource intensive and will impact performance.
Log queries using more than Use to log only queries that use a specific amount of time. 0.05 seconds