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Plugin ShareThis

This Wiki Plugin places a ShareThis button (from www.sharethis.com) on the page. Users can click on the button and select from a number of social networking services to share the page with their network. A ShareThis account is not necessary.

Usage and Parameters

To use this plugin in a wiki page, use the syntax:
Syntax for the ShareThis plugin
{SHARETHIS(sendsvcs=> , style=> , postfirst=> , multiple=> , rotateimage=> y|n, buttontext=> , headertitle=> , headerbg=> , headertxtcolor=> , linkfg=> , popup=> true|false, embed=> true|false)}{SHARETHIS}

Parameter Accepted values Default Effect Required? Since
sendsvcs email|aim|sms (with no spaces) all three send services will be available in the widget if this value is not set Enter one or two of the services (separated by a | ) if you don't want all three to be available in the widget n 3.2
style horizontal
none changes the look of the button n 5.0
postfirst names of post services (like facebook, digg, etc.). The names can't have spaces and need to be spelled exactly as the code that the www.sharethis.com site would produce. a default set of services will show on the first panel of the widget The services named will appear by themselves on the first panel when the widget opens n 3.2
rotateimage y or n n Setting this to y will cause the button icon to rotate every 3 seconds between a few icons, cycling through twice before stopping. n 3.2
multiple list of icons separated by | ShareThis icon Enter list: email | facebook | twitter | sharethis, depending on which icons you'd like n 5.0
buttontext text ShareThis Changes the link text for the button n 3.2
headertitle text none Optional header title text for the widget n 3.2
headerbg HTML color code without the # sign (and not the color name) 004a64 Background color for the header. headertitle must be set for this parameter to have any effect. n 3.2
headertxtcolor HTML color code without the # sign (and not the color name) ffffff (white) Text color for the header title. headertitle must be set for this parameter to have any effect. n 3.2
linkfg HTML color code without the # sign (and not the color name) In 3.0 and 3.1, the default is CF000D (red). In 3.2 it's 222222 (blackish). Link text color for all the services shown in the widget n
popup true or false false When set to true, clicking on the button causes the widget to appear in a pop-up window. n
embed true or false false A value of true will allow embedded elements (like flash) to be seen while iframe is loading. n

tipOther Usage Tips

  • A ShareThis account is not necessary for this plugin to work properly.
  • Personalized information from the user's ShareThis profile will appear in the widget if the user is signed into ShareThis, either through their website or through the widget.
  • If the plugin is used more than once on a page, all instances will be the same as the first one on the page.
  • May not work within a {DIV} or {SPLIT} plugin (this is an issue for any plugin that produces Javascript).


This code,
{SHARETHIS(rotateimage=>y, embed=>true, buttontext=>ShareThat, headertitle=>Share this page!, headerbg=>333333, headertxtcolor=>e6d46e)}{SHARETHIS}

Produce this (starting with 3.2):

List of attached files
ID Name desc uploaded Size Downloads Actions
34 jpg PluginSharethis1.jpg ShareThis screenshot Sun 12 Jul, 2009 23:04 CEST by lindon 26.09 Kb 1336 View Download  


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