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The WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) feature provides a user friendly editing alternative to the Wiki syntax editor. When using the WYSIWYG editor, information copied and pasted into a wiki page will retain most of its original formatting.

To access
Click the Wysiwyg icon Wysiwyg on the Admin Panel
Access http://yourdomain.com/tiki-admin.php?page=wysiwyg

Starting in Tiki6, Tiki uses CKEditor for WYSIWYG. Earlier versions used FCKeditor.


Setting Description Default
Wysiwyg Editor Features
Wysiwyg Editor is optional: Enabling this feature allows users to switch between Wiki and WYSIWYG editors
Wysiwyg Editor is displayed by default: Enabling this feature selects the Wysiwyg editor as the default
Reopen with the same editor: Enabling this feature ensures the editor last used to edit a page or item is used for the next edit as the default enabled
Content is parsed like a wiki page: Enabling this feature ensures pages and items created using the Wysiwyg editor would also include Wiki parsing for plugins and inline character styles (but see next option)
Content is partially wiki parsed: Enabling this feature ensures pages and items created using the Wysiwyg editor would also include Wiki parsing for plugins BUT NOT some other wiki syntax such as inline character styles (above option must be enabled)
Use Wiki syntax in WYSIWYG: Enabling this feature is experimental in 6.x. Wiki syntax can also be used when using Wysiwyg editor, but the handy Plugin Editor then only works in Wysiwyg Source mode (note: Ajax auto-save must be enabled if using this feature)
Wysiwyg editor skin: Select your preferred Wysiwyg Editor Skin
Font names: List of Font Names - note: must be separated by the ; (semi-colon character)
Related Features
Wiki paragraph formatting: Enabling this feature affects whether multiple lines appear as a paragraph or not
But still create line breaks within paragraphs: When Wiki paragraph formatting is enabled, this option creates line breaks within paragraphs enabled
Ajax: Enabling Ajax allows page updates without having the Tiki site having to perform a browser refresh
Ajax auto-save: Enabling this feature allows the Wiki service to automatically save edits

Click the Toolbars button to modify the WYSIWYG toolbars.



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