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Enables third party package features and user interface (UI) options.

To Access
From the Features page, click the Interface tab.

In Tiki 2 (and earlier), all options were on a single tab.

Admin: Features
Interface tab

Setting Description Default
Ajax Enables the Ajax feature Enabled
Ajax auto-save If enabled, when editing wiki pages, Tiki will automatically save your work during the edit session. Additionally, Tiki will display a "live preview" of the page. Enabled
jQuery plugins and add-ons
Autocomplete If enabled, Tiki provides "look ahead" text completion for many text fields. As you type an entry, Tiki will automatically display a list of valid values. Enabled
Reflection If enabled, Tiki will add a mirror image (reflection) to the bottom of images.
Tooltips Allows "mouse-over" pop-up messages. Use CSS for custom styling. Enabled
JQuery UI Includes the jQuery UI library. Enabled
JQuery Media Enables the JQuery Media feature
Superfish If enabled, Tiki uses the CSS "Superfish" animation effects for menus. Enabled
JQuery UI Theme Select the default JQuery UI Theme Smoothness
Validation Enables the Validation feature in a Tiki Tracker
JQuery Infinite Carousel Enables the JQuery Infinite Carousel feature
JQuery Sortable Tables Enables the JQuery Sortable Tables feature


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These keywords serve as "hubs" for navigation within the Tiki documentation. They correspond to development keywords (bug reports and feature requests):

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