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Enables mature, stable end user features

To Access
From the Features page, click the Global Features tab.

After enabling specific permissions, be sure to configure the necessary permissions so users can use the feature.
In Tiki 2 (and earlier), all options were on a single tab.

Global Preferences tab
Global Preferences tab

Setting Description Default
Main Feature
Wiki Enables the Wiki feature for collaborative documents. Enabled
Blog Enables the Blog feature for web logs and online journals.
Forums Enables the Forums feature for structured, threaded topic.
Polls Enables the Polls feature for voting.
Newsletters Enables the Newsletter feature for subscription-based email newsletters.
Category Enables the Category feature for organizing Tiki objects (such as wiki pages or blogs)
MySQL Full-Text Search Enables the Search feature. By default, Tiki uses the MySQL full-text search.
File Gallery Enables the File Gallery) feature in which to upload and store files (such as images, documents, videos, and so on). Enabled
Articles Enables the Articles feature to create and publish (and expire) news items based and date, topic, or type.
Trackers Enables the Trackers feature to create interactive forms or data collection tools.
Calendar Enables the Calendar feature to create and display events.
Banners Enables the Banners feature to create "zones" in the site in which to display ads, videos, or any other content.
Freetags Enables the Freetags feature to allow folksonomy tagging and categorizing.
Surveys Enables the Surveys feature to create and collect surveys.
Quizzes Enables the Quizzes feature
Maps Enables the Map feature
Live Support System Enables the Live Support System feature
Share Enables the Share feature
Score Enables the Score feature
Dynamic Content System Enables the Dynamic Content System feature to create and manage variables that represent content throughout the site.
Directory Enables the Directory feature
Shoutbox Enables the Shoutbox feature
Google Maps Enables the Google Maps feature
Tell a Friend Enables the Tell a Friend feature that allows users to email links of Tiki pages to their friends.
Minichat Enables the Minichat feature that allows real-time chatting on the site, via module.
Full Screen Enables the Full Screen feature which allows users to view or edit pages without the side columns.
Tiki User Credits
Docs (WebODF)
Draw (SVG-edit)
User Watches Enables the User Watches feature to send notifications to users when specific content changes.
Daily Reports for User Watches Enables the Daily Reports for User Watches feature
User Watches Languages Enables the User Watches Languages feature
Group Watches Enables the Group Watches feature to enable Tiki Groups to watch items.
User Watches Translations Enables the User Watches feature
Group Alert Enables the Group Alert feature


Site Language


These keywords serve as "hubs" for navigation within the Tiki documentation. They correspond to development keywords (bug reports and feature requests):

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